A Whole New Meaning To Traveling Like A Pro

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Going on a gap year has become more than just a rite of passage these days. It has become a part of life’s cycle. You’re born, you go to school and then before you join the grown-up world of work or college, you take a year out to travel. Europe, Africa, Asia, South America; the world becomes your oyster, quite literally.

But what if you could learn and earn as you made your way around the globe? You probably would, right?

Well, you can.

That is why we have come up with a list of dream qualifications you could earn as you globe trot, qualifications that could give you a new direction in life, a new career, or be the little things on your resume that makes you stand out from the snow.

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A PADI Divemaster

There is so much we don’t know about our world and most of that unknown is below the surface of our oceans, and it is a truly magical place to explore. Getting your PADI Divemaster won’t just let you explore this world, though, it will allow you to lead others on an adventure too. It is a lifestyle like no other. It is totally unrivaled. But best of all, it is recognized almost everywhere in the world, which means your traveling never has to stop. Thailand, Belize, Corfu, Australia, Mexico, Mozambique, Honduras; all of the most picturesque places in the world, the ones with white sands and azure waters. Depending on where and who you do your course with, you could become a fully-fledged divemaster in 4 to 12 weeks. 

If scuba diving sounds like it’s up your speed but you haven’t tried it yet, you might want to experience some magical diving sites first. Cenotes in Mexico are unlike any other diving experience, as is swimming with sharks off the coast of Malaysia. This could be one of the most rewarding jobs you ever have, because not only will you experience breathtaking adventures, you’ll help others discover them as well

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A Ski Instructor

From the bottom of the ocean to the top of the world, getting your ski instructor course qualification is another life skill that will see you get to travel all over the globe; earning a living and exploring the earth, what more could you want. In terms of time, it could take you 5 weeks, it could take you an entire season, both of which would be well-worth it, especially when you consider the dark corners of the world that will become your playground. The Alps, Colorado, Utah, Canada, Patagonia, Japan, New Zealand; just about everywhere has a mountain that can be skied, including South Africa.

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A Surf Instructor

If it is warm weather, sand, summer beach parties, making friends and relaxing among that celebrate the right to chill, then look no further than becoming a surf instructor. The world is filled with coastlines, with breaks and surf points, and that makes the world your surf park. California, Florida, Portugal, South Africa, Hong Kong, Hawaii, everywhere. But in terms of learning, in terms of enjoying the very best of what surfing has to offer and what surfing is about, well, then it is to its adopted home of Australia. This is where the lifestyle truly takes over, where you will learn well and learn fast. So start your journey here and then see where it takes you, which we hope – really hope – will include its spiritual home of Hawaii. Palm trees and friendly faces; it is what surfing is about.