UK’s Best Cities: Travel To These Beauties

A lot of people think they need to leave the country to do some traveling. After all, with so many amazing places around Europe, it can be tempting to make a trip. But you should consider the wonderful places we have here in the UK. After all, the cities are so popular that millions visit from around the world every year. Therefore, as they are so special, you should take the time seeing all the beautiful haunts in the UK. Here are some beautiful cities you should travel to within our own borders.


You might have heard about Cambridge due to its well-known prestige university and I know it well because my family live in Cambridgeshire. After all, stars including Stephen Fry and Emma Thompson attended the facility. But while you may have heard of the city, a lot of people haven’t visited it. However, there is a lot more to this gorgeous city than it’s famous university. For one thing, it has a wealth of historic buildings which will take your breath away. For example, King’s College Chapel which has stood since the 16th century will take your breath away. Also, Cambridge is great if you fancy going punting. You can head down the River Cam on a boat which resembles a gondola and take in all the beautiful sights of Cambridge! And if you love to do some shopping, you have several shopping centres here including the Grafton Centre which has designer and high-street brands to tuck your teeth into.

The difference between Oxford and Cambridge in Punting




The capital of the UK, London is visited by over 16 million tourists every year. And it’s not a surprise with amazing sights like Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London. Therefore, if you haven’t had a chance to spend some time exploring the city, now is a great time to travel there. For one thing, you should spend some time visiting the fantastic museums. The National History Museum is an impressive spectacle which will boost your knowledge. And if art is your thing, you will love the National Gallery. Also, your tastebuds will be tickled if you head into the city. With so many different cuisines, you will be dumbstruck on what to try while in London Town. You could either go to Chinatown for a delicious Chinese buffet, or you could even do something like a Thames Dinner Cruise to have a scrumptious dinner while enjoying the sights. And don’t forget to explore the markets; Camden is a great place to start for some keepsakes!




A lot of people have never been to Bath before. But the beautiful city in Somerset is flowing with great architecture, history, and food! In fact, history buffs will love traveling here to enjoy the Roman Baths which still stand in their original state. And you can even awe at the beautiful cathedral which has pride of place in the centre of the city. For food lovers, there are a wealth of cafes and restaurants. In fact, you can enjoy afternoon tea or even get a delicious bun from the famous Sally’s Buns! And don’t forget to visit the Thermae Spa. It’s the only natural thermal spa in the UK so you can enjoy bathing in the hot water!

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And don’t forget there are so many other places like Oxford and York that are worth a visit while you are traveling around the UK. If you are looking to spot the wildlife in the UK, check out this post for where to visit!