Why Being Broke Is The Best Time To Travel

Earn While Traveling

There are many ways to make money while traveling abroad. If you can make money outside your home country while you travel, it should be much easier to do the same thing locally, right? Well, it turns out that this is in fact the case. You’ve just got to be willing to learn a few new things. How to write a professional review, for example.

There are many restaurants, hotels, tours, and amusement park experiences that can be had for free—or even bring you money—provided you’re working for the companies in question. How? By writing reviews, or being a secret shopper. Sometimes review organizations send secret shoppers in on the sly, sometimes the companies themselves hire people to come in, experience their offerings, and write about it.

Now if you’ve got a platform, you’ll be a shoe-in for such opportunities. But sometimes you’ve got to develop a platform first. Still, even if you’re totally new at professional writing, you can use this tool to make money while traveling on the road. Many blogs outsource to writers in order to maintain regular content.

If you work with content agencies, you can get some of that work for yourself. Additionally, there is online work that is task-based. Freelancer.com and Fiverr.com both specialize in creating a marketplace where you can trade your skills for money. If you’re willing to put the time into being an entrepreneur, you may find the world is your oyster.

The Value Of Making Money While Traveling

If you’re able to find some way of underwriting your travel, then you can go anywhere and stay as long as you please, building experiences and adventures—as well as meaningful connections—across the country. Then you’ll be able to check out those places you’ve always heard of, but never had a chance to visit—like The OC.

One reason many travel to The OC is because it is described as: “…the happiest place on earth, where adventure is second nature.” Between beaches, theme-parks, watersports, nature exploration, fine dining, and southern California sophistication, this seems to ring true for many living and visiting The OC.

Now say you work on the internet and live in a small RV 22-feet long or less. Well, now you can go live in The OC rent-free, only experiencing a slight increase in living costs due to additional sales taxes and gas expenses. (Also, you’re going to get taxed on plastic bags, water bottles, and debit transactions at gas stations.)

At Last: Independence

Annoying as the increased prices are, they’re much more affordable than the outrageous hotel expenses, or the cost of living in such an area locally. Plus, an RV is likely going to be less risky than a hostel. And you can make back your investment. Say you purchase an RV for $20k. Maybe you finance it and park it somewhere safe till it’s paid off. If you can buy it in one payment, that’s even better.

Now you hit the road. What was the cost of rent? Was it around $750 a month? At that rate, if you live in an RV full time for two years and two months, the RV will have paid for itself by supplanting what you would have paid in rent. Expand that timeframe out to three years for accidental unexpected expenses just to be safe.

But the thing is, with $20k, you can get a new or like-new RV. You might even start by getting a $5k or $10k RV and living in that until the investment has matured in about a year, just to see if you can stand it. If you like it, keep traveling! If you don’t, sell the vehicle and use the money as down-payment on an apartment or something of the kind.

The point is, if you’re thrifty and motivated, you can travel anywhere you wish and stay as long as you like while saving—and maybe even making—some money.