A tourist packs half a suitcase of shoes…a traveller packs her flip-flops!

There’s nothing quite so sensational as feeling the soft sand in your toes, the warm sun on your feet, or the new soil underneath your soles. Why choose any other footwear when travelling?

Almost every photo of me on my travels I am either bare foot or wearing my flip flops. The amount of flip flops I have got through is actually insane! Since discovering Havianas in Brazil I swore I would never wear any other brand, however when I heard that a friend of mine had started up his own flip-flop company in aid of the tragic death of his parents in the 2004 tsunami I thought I had to give them a go!

And what a great purchase! My Gandy’s flip flops took their first trip this weekend to Milan and carried my feet  all over the city, and next week will be testing out African soil in the Gambia!

Definitely a good purchase! 🙂

Me and my friends' Gandy's Flip Flops

You can check them out at- www.gandysflipflops.com