Why I will NEVER fly Ryanair again!


8 years ago I booked a flight with Ryanair to Glasgow from Stansted. I was delayed on the train but still arrived on time (or so I thought), however, on arriving at the check in desk I was told I was late and therefore not allowed to join the queue. I then had to pay an astronomical amount for a new flight. The service I received was horrific and the staff were incredibly rude. From that day forth I swore never again to fly with Ryanair.

Until now.

Today, all these years later, I had an almost identical experience. This time I checked in online, arrived 40 minutes before my flight and made my way through security. After having my bags searched I checked the departures board, to which I was informed that my flight was boarding. I then proceeded to have a quick toilet stop and make my way to the gate. I wasn’t stressing out, nor did i even consider for a moment that I might miss my flight.

I arrived at the gate to be told I was late and that I must buy a new ticket. I was truly shocked. Other flights had said last call, why didn’t ours say that? Why were there no announcements? The gate didn’t even say it was closed when I got there, it said final boarding!!

The man at the desk was rude. The people at the information desk were rude.

So many people e-mail me for my advice for applying for cabin crew jobs being ex BA crew, and I normally say customer service skills is key! But clearly Ryanair are an exception to the rule. Zero customer service skills? Apply now!

Why I Will NEVER Fly Ryanair Again!

The queue at the information desk was huge and was filled with people that had all been turned away from their flights. Everybody in the line shared the same opinion- Ryanair are thieves that will do anything to make extra money from you! I’m all for budget airlines, I’ve had great experiences with easyjet, whizz air, air Asia and spice jet, Ryanair however are on a completely new low. Their level of service is horrific.

As ex cabin crew myself I like to think I’m familiar with the industry and how things work. I’ve travelled a lot, with a lot of different airlines, but none have ever been so bad as Ryanair!

The outcome? I am currently sat at Reading bus ration after a mammoth 6 hour public transport endurance so far because I couldn’t afford to pay the outrageous fees they were asking for to pay for a new flight. With only a few minutes to find the money and £110 fee I decided that it was above budget and I would just have to look forward to my next trip at Easter.

To top it off, just to worsen my opinion of the airline, while on my way back to London on the bus I received an e-mail from them apologising for diverting my flight to East Midlands airport as a result of a technical fault! So even if I had made the flight I wouldn’t have even left the country anyway!

My advice? If you want to reach your destination, avoid Ryanair! They give the worst service I have EVER experienced and I can guarantee I will NEVER be booking a flight with them again! Agenda for tonight? Drowning my sorrows for my trip that never happened!