Where Can’t I Travel When Pregnant?

As you know, I love to travel. But now that I am in my second pregnancy I have come to realise that it somewhat more of a challenge if for no reason other than the fact that there are so many places where I can’t travel when pregnant! This is something that I have Googled countless times and so I thought that it would be helpful to share my research with other expecting mummies. 

Where can’t I travel when pregnant?


Where Can't I Travel When Pregnant?

When you are pregnant, there are so many more things you have to think about when traveling. Is this a safe place for me to be? Is there a high risk of diseases where I am planning to visit? Will I have access to adequate medical care if I should need it? How late into my pregnancy am I allowed to travel?Although you may be able to travel internationally and not have any trouble, it is important to avoid certain areas of the world and make sure you have plans in place to have a successful trip.

In some developing countries, there is a greater risk of contracting the Zika virus through mosquito bites. Now, if you are pregnant, you attract mosquitoes for a number of different reasons therefore making you more susceptible to contracting the disease.

According to the CDC, many countries in Africa, Asia, The Caribbean, Central America, The Pacific Islands and South America are all areas of the world that should be avoided when pregnant.

Another concern for pregnant women is the risk of Malaria in parts of the world, which is also transmitted through mosquito bites. Malaria is a disease that affects the red blood cells and can cause a lot of complications to you and your unborn child.

As of 2016, 91 countries and territories on the globe were considered to be in a malaria epidemic region. Some of the most affected regions are Africa, Asia, Central America, South America and the Middle East.

These locations should be avoided, completely, while pregnant. I have made a handy infographic showing all of the destinations which are sadly off of your itinerary for the next nine months. 

where can't I travel when pregnant

Sometimes, however, traveling through or to these regions of the world is unavoidable. If you are pregnant and are traveling internationally to a new place, and one that is at a higher risk for these dangerous diseases, there are a few things you can do to help keep you safe and healthy.

Visit Your Doctor and Get Travel Health Insurance

It is important for you to visit your doctor and speak to him/her about your travel plans. Your doctor will advise you on any vaccines you may need before beginning your travels and what are safe for during pregnancy. Getting travel health insurance is also important because your insurance in your country may not cover international care.

Pack A Copy Of Your Medical Records

In case of an emergency in a different country, having your records available will make the process of getting care much easier. Keep them with you at all times, along with a list of any medications you are taking, so they are readily available if you need them.

Research Medical Care Where You Are Going

Knowing what to expect will make it a lot less stressful if there is an emergency while you are away. Research healthcare providers, hospitals, insurance, etc before leaving for your trip that way you are prepared ahead of time.

There can also be a cut-off point in your pregnancy when you won’t be permitted to fly, which depends on the airline that you are using. Doing your homework for your trip is a very good idea when pregnant.

Did you travel when you were pregnant? I would love to hear your experiences! Comment below!