What a backpacker do with 1 months salary…

Thai money

I never planned my backpacking trip. I didn’t pack to go backpacking. I didn’t prepare to go backpacking. I certainly didn’t budget to go backpacking. But that’s what I found myself doing.

Since returning from my travels many people have asked me how did I afford such a trip without saving? And looking back on it, I can see why people would ask such a question. I ate out every day, I drank beers most nights, I visited every tourist attraction along my route- so how did I afford all of this?

The answer- 1 months salary.

Admittedly, my last months salary didn’t last forever, but it really was incredible how much I got out of the final pay packet. Money that would usually be spent on the likes of car insurance, food shopping and utility bills was now being spent in a way I had never spent money before.

What a backpacker do with 1 months salary…

With one months salary I…

  • Probably spent at least 2 full weeks in transit between destinations- that would probably cost a months salary in itself at home!
  • Played with tigers at Tiger Temple
  • Visited the world’s biggest temple in Cambodia
  • Gone partying at the Full Moon parties
  • Relaxed on the numerous beautiful beaches of Thailand
  • Experienced the craziness of tubing in Laos
  • Cruised for 2 nights in a boat in the incredible Halong Bay
  • Trekked with natives in the picturesque Sapa
  • Ate what must have been over 100 meals out in restaurants
  • Drank the local beer in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam
  • Enjoyed at least 20 relaxing massages!! Again, this alone would probably add up to almost a months salary at home!
  • Made too many new friends to count

That money would have lasted about 3 weeks at home and yet lasted 3 months in Asia, and at home I wouldn’t have had anywhere near as much fun!!!

What can you do with a months salary?