Warning-head butting giraffe!!!

The Giraffe Centre in Nairobi offers a unique opportunity in that they situate you on a platform level with the giraffe’s heads, allowing you to closely observe and feed them! Giraffes are generally quite timid animals, but when food is involved, these giraffes were there in a shot!

Warning:Head Butting Giraffe!

As I walked into the centre I was greeted with a fully grown giraffe just inches away from me! This was a nice welcome to the centre, and also a rare opportunity. I have seen giraffes on several occasions on my travels, but never once so close or so intimately. It was great to be able to really look at these animals; their intricate markings, delicate facial features, and fascinating expressions!

First sights of the giraffes

We were able to stand in line with the head of the giraffe and feed it pellets provided to us by the park keepers. The giraffe would take the pellet out of your hand with a big lick! Their tongue was huge! And there was lots of slobber too!

Feeding the giraffe

One of the park keepers suggested to my friends and I that we try ‘kissing’ the giraffe, I thought this absolutely disgusting and quickly declined, I cannot however, say the same for my friends. They put the pellets in their mouths and allowed the giraffe to lick across their face in order to get their food, leaving a nice big trail of slobber too! Although I didn’t want to partake in the action myself, I will admit it was very amusing to watch!

Kissing the giraffe

While at the Giraffe Centre we were warned not to touch the giraffes if we did not have any food, this is because they like to head butt you! But, boys being boys, my friend began to stroke the giraffes head, and without any warning was quickly ducking away from a rather vicious giraffe head butt!! Dangerous, but again, rather funny to watch!

Watch out for head butts

There were many giraffes at the centre, and you could watch them roaming in the distance in their natural habitat before they decided to pay a visit for a bite to eat. It was great to see and a wonderful opportunity; I’m not sure I will ever see giraffe kissing or attempting head butting again in my life time! Definitely worth a visit if you are in Nairobi.