Visiting Las Vegas

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Do you believe…

… if you go to Las Vegas that all there is to do is hit the nightclubs and casinos? Las Vegas is, of course, the gambling capital of the world and there are amazing casinos to visit. You can’t go without stepping into the Bellagio or the Luxor – it just has to be done even if it is just to take a peek around and see what the fuss is all about.


But what about everything else that this Nevada city has to offer? It’s bound to be much more than you realised. Read on to find out what else you can do on your trip to Las Vegas.

Nevada Test Site

Yep, we’re starting off with something that you would never have considered when you booked your tickets but it’s a part of recent history and an utterly fascinating slice of time. Drive about an hour away from the city and you’ll find the test site. It’s been there since 1951 and there have been 928 nuclear tests on the site between then and 1992. There’s also the Atomic Testing Museum, which is just off the Strip if you don’t fancy travelling that far. A totally different, and utterly fascinating, form of entertainment.>


Black Canyon Rafting

Check out the Hoover Dam obviously, but it’s also a good adventure to get on the water itself and take a leisurely trip through the Black Canyon. It’s utterly beautiful, very peaceful and relaxing. You start actually at the dam, which means you will get some great views and then you’ll meander 12 miles down river to some of the hot springs, which you can wallow in while taking in the local wildlife. Bliss.

Shopping with Style

Vegas is a total experience for people who love to shop. You can always play online if you’re worried you’re missing out on any hot casino action while you’re checking out possibly the best shopping experience you’ll have have. As Vegas has so many themed malls you can shop in the streets and canals of Venice one second and then have a stroll down a French boulevard the next. The Miracle Mile even offers you an indoor rainstorm, just in case the heat of the desert is getting to you presumably. Also check out Crystals, a mall that is packed to the brim with designer brands and amazing sculptures and artworks by real artists like Henry Moore and Antony Gormley. You can also hop on the bus that runs all the way along the Strip to get to the discount malls slightly out of town, so you can come back with a total bargain.

Vegas is not just a place to gamble night and day away, but full of interesting things to do. You have a colourful choice of activities to pick from to make it an experience of a lifetime so go and enjoy!!!

Las Vegas