Trips for the Enthusiast: 5 Prime Vacations That Will Feed Your Need to Learn

Vacations not only mean sipping wine soaking by the beach under the sun: you can also get to learn something as you relax and unwind in your travel (as I love to on all of my trips!). Several places across the world will give you that extra information to take back home after your vacation is over. You can indulge in Tour East Holidays to help make you a smarter traveller.  


Spy on Bengal Tigers in India

Get to learn something new in India from spying excursions in the wild. The Bengal tiger scientifically known as (Panthera tigris tigris) is one of the most popular tigers in the world, primarily found in India. India will give you the chance to take a tour through the reserves and have first-hand encounters spying tigers. There are under 4000 tigers left in the world, this endangered species however has a lot to learn from. Animal conservatives and national geographic enthusiasts arrange trips from across the world to India just to observe the phenomenal specie and learn something new about them.

Dive with Sharks in Palau

Several travel guides suggests you should get your adrenaline running from shark diving excursions in Palau. Palau is located along the Pacific Coast and has a great deal to offer deep sea divers and water sport lovers. You can test your courage by taking a dive into the ocean to see sharks first hand. Monitoring the sharks live will give you a great platform to learn about their natural behaviours and characteristics that is if you don’t chicken out. You will get to be dropped several feet underwater where nothing else will be visible other than water fish and water plants. Many people say the experience is life changing just being under the water surrounded with a whole new world is inspiring in itself.  You will get to learn something new in Palau just make sure you don’t watch any shark related movies.

Angkor what?

Angkor a rather unknown city in Cambodia was one of the largest preindustrial cities in the world. In Angkor you will find the ruins of the largest temple to ever exist in the world. This World Heritage site named by UNESCO will teach you a lot of history. The city was the seat of the ancient Khmer empire, a terrace for elephants, held several palaces and the ancient Bhayon.

Hiking and Wellness Trip, Peru

You need to travel to Peru to learn how to live mindfully and in balance with nature around you. The learning journey takes you deep into the Andes Mountains to the centralisation of the Inca civilization where one can meet a holistic expert to train on life-balancing concepts. I know it sounds like some fiction tale but this is actually possible. The experts combine yoga, meditation and personal exploration excursions to guide you through the learning processes. Travellers say they feel more connected to nature and the earth after the inspiring journey in Peru. The hustle and bustle of everyday life can be quite challenging, book your next holistic travel excursion to Peru.

Explore Africa

The classic learning vacation will definitely be in Africa. Rather than the wildlife learning experiences across the continents renown parks, you will get to see humans live different lives from what you are used to. The culture in Africa is deeply rooted and has been preserved for centuries. Say the Maasai across the Kenyan land who wear red shukas and fight lions with their bare hands. The beautiful Ashanti in Ghana who live in the rainforests and create the most exquisite hand crafts with minimal manual tools.