Tranquil Travelling

Sometimes in life it’s nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of city, even when travelling. There is a preconceived misconception about touring the world that you just have to go from one capital city to the next, do all the tours on offer and eat at all the fanciest restaurants — this is not to say that this isn’t a good thing to do, it’s just to say there’s more to life than just doing so. You don’t have to traipse through a city to be a traveller — you can lie on a beach to do so, you can sit in front of a pool to do so, you can become one at nature to do so, and you can eat in a quiet restaurant to do so. Below are some of the most tranquil corners of the globe, and some peaceful pastimes to indulge yourself whilst in them, that you should consider travelling to if serenity is what you’re after on your next adventure.

First of all, a trip to Thailand should never be forgone if tranquility is what you want most from your travels; however, you should be aware that it isn’t the parts of Thailand that you necessarily know about that offer the most serene experiences. To truly experience the best that the jewel of the Southeast has to offer you simply must be willing to go off the beaten track, and you must be willing to sometimes get your hands dirty too. For instance, by forgoing the typical tourist attractions on offer in Bangkok and by instead investing your time in bathing with elephants you can experience first hand the tranquility that is instantly aroused in the natural world. Now, spending so much time up close and personal with a herd of elephants may not seem typically tranquil, but tranquility doesn’t always have to be about doing absolutely nothing with your day, does it? By seeing the delights of this very important figure of Thailand, the elephant, going about its day to day business you are instantly subjecting yourself to the most wondrous of all the things the world has to offer: nature taking its course.

Bathing with elephants in Thailand


But if that doesn’t stir up a sense of serenity within you (which it may not as everybody is different) then maybe taking your travels to one of the more relaxing regions on offer on earth will do so. And when it comes to this, look no further than the Ionian Islands of Greece. This is a country that offers more than just a mainland that is rich in culture, history and ancient ruins: it spouts a whole host of different islands that are baked in sun and sit on the edge of deep blue seas. Feeling more serene just by thinking about that? Well then, what’s stopping you from visiting Greek islands such as Corfu and Zakynthos? These islands are more than just the typical ‘party’ destinations adorned by youngsters summer in, summer out: they are some of the most serene places to visit in the world. Corfu, for instance, consists of a labyrinth of narrow streets throughout the whole of the island which subsequently means that those travelling by car find it very difficult to navigate about it; if avoiding the hustle and bustle of traffic and car congestion screams serenity to you, then this is surely your type of destination. The peace found on the Ionian Islands, and the other islands found in this part of the world, is not to be missed for those that travel for tranquility; if this is you then why not find the perfect place to lay your head during your stay in the form of any one of the host of villas in Greece that are on offer. You can find a villa in your chosen destination meaning that even the place in which you set up as our travelling base can cater to your longing for tranquility.

The famous shipwreck beach in Zakynthos, Greece

And Europe offers up a plethora of other top tranquil destinations too, so don’t fly away from it just yet! For instance, there are a host of reasons to visit Iceland if relaxing is your goal, and none are better than Landmannalaugar. Don’t worry, it is a far less complicated place in which to enjoy yourself peacefully than it is to pronounce; however, like with Thailand, when it comes to visiting Landmannalaugar you must go off the beaten track if you want to truly immerse yourself in tranquility. When visiting this part of the world you can subject yourself to serenity by hiking along the less walked upon tracks of the mountains that are streaked in varying shades of colours and once you are done you can take to the natural hot springs in order to soak all of your stresses (and maybe even your aches from the hiking) away. These hot springs, that are brought about through lava meeting cold water deep underground, are truly a dream for every person who travels for tranquillity. And if the prospect of hiking next to some of the most beautiful mountains in the worlds on some of earth’s last less-beaten tracks seems as tantalising a tranquil task as anything else that you can envisage, then Landmannalaugar isn’t the only place that can offer this. In South America, specifically in Purmamarca, Argentina, there are a collection of mountains known as the Seven Coloured Mountains — so, if hiking atop of the world’s last great untouched areas is your idea of peace, then this is the place to go. However, more and more people are taking to this part of the world on their travels so you will have to act quickly if you want to see it before it becomes overrun with tourists!

The Seven Coloured Mountains of Purmamarca, Argentina

So, make sure to consider visiting some of the peaceful picks above the next time you’re thinking about booking a flight. Whether it be Thailand in Asia, Greece or Iceland in Europe, Argentina in South America or any of these other relaxing destinations, make sure that you choose the place that caters to your serene needs.