Top Sites to See in Every Continent

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There’s so much beauty to discover all over the world, but we only have so much time. So if you’re looking for some top things to put on your list for your next adventure, make sure at least one of these things make the cut.


  1. North America

Grand Canyon National Park: Located in the northwest area of Arizona in the United States, the Grand Canyon is a true beauty to all Americans. It’s a national park in the U.S. and was the 15th area to be named a national park in the entire country. Some has said that the Grand Canyon is one of the wonders of the world due to its intricate composure and location.


Niagara Falls: The famous Falls are located on the border of Canada the U.S. and are the perfect getaway spot for any couple or family. The easiest places to travel to in order to visit the Niagara Falls is New York or Ontario. There are three waterfalls that collectively make up the Niagara Falls. Come visit this magnificent natural creation with the whole family (and a waterproof camera). Whatever you do, do NOT forget your rain jacket or poncho, unless you really want to fully experience the falls!


top sights

  1. South America

Christ the Redeemer: A statue of the Christian messiah Jesus Christ located in the Rio de Janeiro in the beautiful country of Brazil. The enormous statue is 98 ft tall and was erected in the 1920s. It sits on top of the Corcovado Mountain in the Tijuca Forest National Park overlooking the city. The statue has been named an iconic symbol for Christianity. Although it will be a bit of a hike to the top, the view and cultural significance of the statue is well worth it. Listed as one of the seven wonders of the world, this statue is not one to miss.


Machu Picchu: One of the most incredible hikes in the world is located in Cusco Region, Peru. Although it will be one of the most difficult hikes you have ever accomplished, the view and the amazing air at the highest altitudes will make it all worth it. Located on top of a 8,000 ft mountain, Machu Picchu is located at the very tippy top. Originally believed to be built for the Inca emperor Pachacuti in 1450, this estate is commonly referred to as the “Lost City of the Incas.” Believe me, you do not want to leave this off your bucket list.


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  1. Europe

Acropolis of Athens: Centered in Athens, Greece, this conglomerate of ancient structures is located above the city of Athens. The Acropolis of Athens combines different historic buildings that have been preserved for hundreds of years in Athens, one of the most popular structures being the Parthenon. It is the most famous acropolis in all of Greece and holds the most historical and cultural significance. Come visit the glorious city of Athens and explore the age-old Acropolis of Athens.


Amsterdam: The famous city of Amsterdam is located in no other than the wonderful country of the Netherlands. Amsterdam is the capital of the country and the most populated city in the entire country. The city offers a wide array of activities to fill all of your time while visiting the extraordinary city. You can visit the Van Gogh museum and see his exquisite masterpieces or take a bike (try for bargains!) or walking tour of the city and see the lively streets. Yet by far the best thing to do in Amsterdam is a boat ride down the many  canals of Amsterdam. Whatever you do, do NOT forget your camera! You won’t want to forget these incredible memories.  



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  1. Africa

Table Mountain: This mountain can be found in Cape Town, South Africa and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in South Africa. The top of the mountain is flattened and referred to as a “table.” Travelers can hike the mountain or take the cableway to the top, but regardless how you get to the top of the mountain there is a prominent view of the city of Cape Town that will be utterly incredible. The mountain helps create a significant chunk of the Table Mountain National Park (I mean afterall, it is named after the mountain). This peculiar mountain is not one you want to miss during your next travels to South Africa. 


Ouzoud Falls: This jaw dropping waterfall is located in the small town of Tanaghmeilt in the country of Morocco. Climb to the bottom of the falls by brushing past piles of olive trees and feel the cold, fresh water spray back at you. You might even catch a glimpse of a couple monkeys swinging by as the area attracts many. Ouzoud Falls is heavily protected by locals who want to keep the nature area in its fullest form. Come visit and see this dazzling waterfall with your own set of eyes.

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  1. Asia

Great Wall of China: Now this one should not come as a shock, but if you are traveling through China then you must walk the Great Wall of China at least once. Located in Huairou, China the Great Wall is one of the most iconic and historically and culturally significant structures in the entire country. The wall was originally built to protect the citizens and states of China from the invasions of tribes from the Eurasian Steppe. It was first built in 7th century BC, but parts have been rebuilt many times. Most of the wall that is still standing was created during the Ming Dynasty.


Gardens by the Bay: Come feast your eyes on this glorious nature park located in Marina Bay in the beautiful country of Singapore. There are three gardens within the park: the Bay South Garden, the Bay East Garden and the Bay Central Garden. Seated right next to the Marina Reservoir this site will leave you speechless. The creation of the gardens was an attempt by the Singapore garden to enhance the quality of living by adding more nature and greenery into everyday life. So come enhance your quality of living and visit the Gardens by the Bay in Singapore as soon as possible.

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  1. Australia

Great Barrier Reef: The world’s largest coral reef area in the world is located in no other than Queensland, Australia. The Great Barrier Reef can be found in the Coral Sea where almost 3,000 reefs can be found. The ginormous reef can be seen from outer space, and by your own two eyes if you make the trip over there. Considered by some to be one of the seven wonders of the world, this site will blow your mind. It is the largest area created solely by living organisms in the entire world. Book a flight now to experience the wonderful creation of mother nature.


Fox Glacier: Located on the western coast of the South Island in the country of New Zealand, this glacier is one of the only glaciers in the world that is attainable by visitors. Hiking to the glacier is said to be an easy trip, and well worth it. Although it is an easy way up, safety is still key. There have been accidents at the glacier and there are warnings to visitors to be prepared and to be cautious. As one of the most popular tourist attractions in New Zealand this amazing glacier is not one to miss out on (especially since it is the only one you can easily see).



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The Great Barrier Reef - 164

  1. Antarctica

Mount Erebus: I have one word for you: volcano. Mount Erebus is the second largest volcano in all of Antarctica and one of the most visited to date. It is one of the volcanos on Earth that is still active, so be careful if you go visit this one. It is about 12,500 ft high and can be found on Ross Island in Antarctica. It has taken 17 hours in total to climb up the volcano by scientists, so I do not suggest trying this one out for hiking but definitely for viewing. The photos of the incredible scenery will leave everyone you know seriously jealous.

top sights

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