The Torchlight Procession: Hogmanay

Watching the 40,000 people lining the streets of Edinburgh with fire torches firmly in their hands was certainly an amazing site. As I stood at the top of the street memorized by the sights before me I felt as if I had gone back in time to medieval days. The Vikings and pipers carrying their torches through the dark, characteristic streets of Edinburgh was truly magical.

Three days of Hogmanay begins with this torch-lit procession, and it really is uniquely wonderful. With everybody in high spirits, the atmosphere was great. After spectating for several minutes, I joined the procession, and proceeded to walk up to Carlton Hill where there would be the burning of a life-size Viking boat and a fireworks display.

The huge crowds meant that I couldn’t quite get onto the hill, however I could still see everything on the big screen and the fireworks were spectacular. This was a brilliant way to start the festival, and a great way to spend the last evening of 2012.