The Stunning Chateau de Chambord

When travelling through France you will undoubtedly come across many chateau’s, however I decided to pay a visit to this one as it is recommended as one of the most spectacular, as well as one of the most modern chateau’s in the country.

Chambord is the largest chateau in the Loire Valley and people come to visit from many miles around. On route you are lead along a long red road; giving you the feeling of royalty and importance, almost as if you are driving along the ‘red carpet’. The views are lovely and you are surrounded by green forestry. I almost expected a deer to trot across the road, or swan to be sat by the lake. It all seemed very prim and proper.

On reaching the end of the red road you are greeted with your first sights of the chateau, in all its grandeur. And it really is grand.

A chateau is basically an off-shot of a castle, differing from the latter by not having the traditional moat and defence systems in place. Chambord is unique in that it is largely built in the more modern, Renaissance architecture style; hence many tourists choose to visit this chateau as opposed to others.

It is free for ‘youths’ (I am 25 and I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be classed as a youth back in the UK but loving that I am here in France!) aged 18-25 to enter the chateau, which I thought was great, not only because I didn’t have to pay myself, but also because it encourages young people to visit things such as this.

Upon entering the chateau you are at once greeted with its architectural magnificence. I am no expert on architecture, but any person could see that this building is a work of art. There are many spectacular towers, rooms, engraved walls etc to wander around and look at. The rood top terrace is one of the most impressive; with its surrounding towers and scenic views. The chateau has been owned by various royals (my knowledge of French history is not fantastic so I will not elaborate any further on that) and houses 440 rooms, 282 fireplaces and 84 staircases; all of which are very impressive.

The chateau’s claim to fame, however, is probably its’ renowned double helix staircase starring as a the centre-piece of the building. Designed by Leonardo da Vinci, this staircase really is spectacular. The two staircases independently travel 3 floors; meaning that two people could be on alternate staircases, yet never meet. They are extremely impressive, and even more so at the thought that they were designed by such a famous artist!

The chateau is beautifully peaceful, and a magnificent work of art. When I saw two people having their wedding pictures taken outside I couldn’t help but think what a wonderful place to get married.

Having seen so many chateau’s from the road, I am glad that it was this one I finally chose to stop off and investigate-it really is spectacular!