The Search for Fur

I’ve never really had an interest in buying fur products, in fact quite the opposite. However my recent trip to Russia sparked my curiosity in the luxuriously soft material.

Everywhere I glanced I was greeted with sights of fur. Black, brown, white, stripy, spotty, I saw it all. Women would elegantly stride past me flaunting their elusive veneer. They looked well presented, affluent and beautiful.

fur coat

I admired their attire, so I decided to look into purchasing some myself. I didn’t really like the idea of wearing a coat that would have caused an animal to die for its fur, so I decided to commence a search for a fake.

With all these women wearing fur coats, and seen as we are in the 21st century, ‘surely they can’t all be real?’ I thought to myself. I thought wrong.

On searching for a false fur coat I was unsuccessful (although I’m sure that they probably are available somewhere, I did not find any). I thought the market might sell false fur, but again I was wrong. In fact, I was shocked to find many real fur coats and hats for sale, of which I can only assume have been made illegally.

fox hat

I browsed the coats and hats, intrigued by the selection and variety. They felt moorishly soft to touch and I’m sure they would do a wonderful job of keeping you warm in the blisteringly cold Russian weather.

I was approached by a worker who informed me that the coat I was looking at would cost me US$1000.

WOW! Now that’s a lot of money!

But if this coat was being sold on a market, how much would it cost in a shop? I went to investigate.

A similar coat would cost US$4000.


hat shopping

fox fur

I decided against the fur in the end and bought a regular coat.

The search for fur had been an interesting experience and I can certainly say that I learnt something new. I would like to note however that I understand fur is tradition in Russia and that it does a very good job of keeping the Russian people warm, but I can only wish that they move with the times a bit and replace with synthetic fur; when I went to the zoo in St Petersburg to see many of the arctic animals I had not seen in real life before, I couldn’t help but think ‘you’re lucky you’re not a coat’.

Russia, you certainly are an intriguing country, but I think I can safely say I won’t be commencing any further fur searched any time soon.