The Google conversation


Google plays a big role in everyday life for many, but never did I realize just how much some might actually rely on it.

I arrived at a restaurant in Moscow where I was greeted by a group of Russians that wanted to befriend us. They bought us shots of Russian vodka (tradition over there) and tried their hardest to converse with us, unfortunately much to their dismay.

Not many Russians speak any English, and I certainly did not speak any Russian. The language barrier however, was one that could be easily overcome, thanks to modern day technology and the use of Google…!

Before I knew it we were chatting away, laughing a joking and having a jolly good time. But what was amazing was that at no point were we speaking directly to each other, but instead we would type or sentence into Google translate on the i phones and show each other the result!

Google conversation

I have travelled a lot, and never have I communicated with people in such a way, but what a brilliant idea it was! It was such a funny night, and I genuinely felt that I made friends with these people, despite never actually talking to them properly!

Russian meal

This was my first ever ‘Google conversation’, and with such successful results, I really don’t think it will be my last. Modern day technology most certainly makes the world more accessible….