Swiss Activities You Won’t Want to Miss

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Switzerland is undoubtedly one of the most fun places to spend time, especially if you’re heading off on a family vacation. Why? Quite simply because as well as being stunningly beautiful, it is a place where, no matter where you go, there is always a fun activity to try your hand at, which means less boredom and a lot more fun.

Swiss Activities You Won’t Want to Miss

If you’re planning to head off to Switzerland any time soon, here are some of the activities that you absolutely must try out:

Summer Skiing

Obviously, Switzerland is best known for it’s skiing and you can ski there at any time of the year, but skiing in Switzerland in the summer when the sun is shining down on you and you can actually ski in the kind of clothing you typically wear on the beach, well that is something else! If you want to get the most out of your ski trip, enrol in a ski school and ensure that the whole family learn a new skill and have the kind of skiing experience that they really want. This is undoubtedly one activity that you will not regret trying on a Swiss vacation.

Visit the Oldest Town in the Land

Chur in Graubünden is the oldest town in Switzerland, and it is very old indeed with a history dating back more than 5,000 years! Cars aren’t allowed in the town, but that just makes a trip to the picturesque little place even more blissful. Definitely one of the most unique experiences in Switzerland, it’s one thing you’ll certainly want to add to your itinerary.

Spend Some Time at Seebad Luzern


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If you’re traveling with teenagers rather than younger kids, then you simply must stop off at Seebad Luzern which is an outdoor pool, known as a badi locally. Located on Lake Lucerne is is home to some of the most beautifully clear waters in the world, two outdoor pools and a range of activities including yoga and dance lessons. Oh, it has a really great cafe where the paninis are to die for too!

Make Some Chocolate

Of course, you can’t spend time in Switzerland without tasting some of their chocolate, which is undoubtedly the best in the world. But, you know what’s better than tasting Swiss chocolate? Learning how to make it! There are numerous courses located throughout the country which will teach you the basics of chocolate making the Swiss way, and yes you will get to eat a lot of it too, The kids will love it and so will you!

Watch the Fireworks

If you happen to be in Switzerland on August 1st, then you are in for a treat because that just so happens to be Swiss National Day. This is a national holiday where the natives take some time out to have a little fun and blow off some steam, and the main way that they do this is by letting off fireworks and burning huge bonfires, a bit like the Brits do on Guy Fawkes’ Night. If you want to see the best display, then you simply must head out to Rhine falls just outside Schaffhausen where the main event takes place, and the firework displays are out of this world.

Take a Pedalo Ride on Lake Zurich

Lake Zurich, like all of the lakes in Switzerland, is absolutely flawless and if you happen to be nearby in late spring or summer time, it is the perfect place to have some fun with the family, particularly if you hire a pedalo and take a leisurely ‘stroll’ around the crystal blue waters, or engage each other in a race from one bank to another.

Take a Cable Car Ride

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Even if skiing isn’t really your thing, you’re still going to want to take the family on a cable car ride. Why? Well, because there is nothing quite like ascending a huge, beautiful mountain in a cable car that affords you a 360-degree view of the natural beauty all around you. If you happen to have a Swiss Rail Pass (traveling by rail in Switzerland is a great experience), you can even ride some cable cars for free.

Tour Lake Lucerne By E-Bike

Cycling tours provide an excellent way of getting around and seeing more of the country than traveling by car – they’re also a good way of wearing the kids out so they’ll sleep well while you’re on vacation – and there are few better places to tour by bike that Lake Lucerne. So. hire yourself some e-bikes and go for a ride around the lake, being sure to stop off at the historic town of Liestal as you go. Oh, and remember to pack a picnic too because as I’m sure you’ll know, eating in the open air on the banks of a river after working up an appetite, makes any food taste so much better!

Have Fun on the SolarBob

SolarBob, what’s that? Well, it is basically a hugely fun bobsled run without the snow. Located in Langenbruck just outside of Basel, this 1 kilometer, 540-degree bobsled ride is as much fun as your average rollercoaster and more accessible that snow -based bobsledding which is more dangerous and a lot more weather dependent. If you’re looking for an activity that your kids are sure to love, this is it.

Visit the World’s Happiest Cows

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It is said that the cows in Switzerland are the happiest in the world and it is easy to see why when you go out and see them roaming freely over green hills with cute little bells hanging around their necks. So, wherever you may be in Switzerland, try to make an effort to visit with a cow or two, Oh, and be sure to try some of the delicious cheeses they help to make too!

East Fondue in the Mountains

Speaking of Swiss cheese, if you’re a fan, you’re going to want to take the family on a pilgrimage to the top of the Gstaad mountains, where you will find a lodge, Inside that lodge, you will be greeted by some of the best local Swiss cheese it is possible to have, and you’ll have a lot of fun trying it all in the form of fondue. You’ll be in cheese heaven!

Visit the Most Powerful Waterfall in Europe

Europe has a lot of waterfalls, but Switzerland is home to the most powerful of them all – Rhine Falls. Located around 40 minutes outside of Zurich, if you travel there by train, you’ll see some spectacular views along the way before you reach your awe-inspiring final destination which will reveal to your the raw power of nature in all her glory.

Check Out The Olympic Museum

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The Olympic Museum in Lausanne is without a doubt the best museum in the country, especially if you have an interest in sporting endeavors. It takes you through the whole history of the Olympic games in the most engaging way possible, displaying signed memorabilia, including Olympic torches and making you wish you were an Olympian yourself by allowing you to try your hands at some of the most popular sports in the games. It makes for a fantastic day out for anyone of any age.

Incorporate and many of these activities as you can into your Swiss adventure and not only will you not waste a single second and make memories that will last forever, but your whole family will have a fun, mostly very healthy time out there.

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