Stepping into a photograph…the busiest zebra crossing in the WORLD

When I found out I was going to be visiting Tokyo the first thing that came to mind were the images I had seen of the zebra crossings there. To many, being excited about seeing a zebra crossing may seem rather dull. But these aren’t just any zebra crossings, their crazily hectic zebra crossings like I have never seen anywhere else! I had to check it out…

So after making some enquiries I found out that the place to visit was Shibuya in central Tokyo, and a train ride later, I was there. Walking out of the train station was like walking into the pictures I had seen so many times before. It reminded me of that overwhelming abundance of people, pollution and hustle and bustle you are greeted with when emerging from the London Underground onto Oxford Street. You hold your bags tight in case somebody brushes past you and it flies off somewhere in the crowds and you keep a close eye on the people you are with, because should you lose them there is every chance that you may not find them again!

Stepping Into A Photograph:The Busiest Zebra Crossing In The World

I love this type of atmosphere. The way it is so busy, seeing people go about their business, people watching, immersing yourself in the general ambiance. It’s great! And this lived up to its’ every expectation.

My friends and I took lots of pictures of the people, the buildings, and of course the zebra crossings. We had a look around at the many shops and malls and just enjoyed being there. The view reminded me a bit of Piccadilly Circus, with the neon lights and shops. We went into Starbucks to get a better view. Lots of tourists were in the window taking pictures. This was my chance to play the Japanese at their own game- they take enough pictures when they come to England so I did the same when I was over there! 🙂

Shibuya, Tokyo

Unfortunately we didn’t have long in Japan and so we moved on quite quickly to see some more of the city. But when I return, which I most definitely will, I would like to buy a coffee and just sit in this window in Starbucks and watch. Watch the people, watch the way of life, just watch.What a great spot for coffee! There are so many things to do in Tokyo! Tokyo, I will be back…!