Sex tourism in Thailand: Ethical?

When many think of Thailand they think of Thai brides, ping pong shows and Lady Boys. However, there is so much more to the country than this!

I once watched a documentary explaining how sex tourism is such a big money maker for Thai’s that many families living in rural areas will send their women off to Bangkok or the islands to work in this industry. I thought this was an extremely sad reality.

When visiting Thailand, this reality was evident. Many bars will have semi/completely naked women dancing, stripping or doing various sex acts. But when you look at the women’s faces they show such sadness. One evening I sat in a bar with some friends were there were many women dancing in various areas of the bar. I looked around at their faces, and not one of them had a smile, or any sign of happiness on their faces at all.

Sex tourism in Thailand: Ethical?

I struggle to understand how people can enjoy watching these women when they look so incredibly sad…but then I guess many of the men are not looking at their faces!

Without the sex tourism industry Thailand would not be the same, for sure, but would this not be better? Thailand has so much natural beauty, and so much to offer the tourist, without the sex tourism. I am no expert, but I think it really is sad that women are subjected to this, often without a choice. And I would like to hope that in the future this could change… although it doesn’t appear that way.


sex tourism doesn't make happy faces...

sex tourism doesn’t make happy faces…

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