Saving Your Smile by the Mile: Pointers for Planning Your Dental Vacation

Dental tourism can be defined by the act of venturing outside one’s home country seeking dental attention, as well as a vacation. Dental care is a key component in maintaining general health, and neglected gums and teeth can lead to all kinds of conditions that may otherwise be prevented.

Unfortunately, in the UK, US and beyond, costs of dental care have skyrocketed and consumers are met with high deductibles and stiff restrictions on dental procedures they may really need. Enter dental tourism.

Source: sachindentalclinic

Benefits of Dental Tourism

The primary benefit of medical tourism is the price, plain and simple. Individuals who don’t have comprehensive dental insurance can find care out of pocket for a fraction of the cost, and may have the opportunity to travel to an exotic locale in search of that perfect smile. In certain countries like Mexico, Costa Rica, India and more, dental costs are down due to the inexpensive labor, as well as the low cost of real estate.

Accommodations May Come with the Teeth

Places like India, Thailand, Mexico. Peru and Costa Rica all offer lower cost dental care, and many overseas providers offer packages deals known as dental vacations, or dental holidays, offering accommodations for people staying for both a vacation and the procedure. A number of international dental groups, like All on 4 dentures in Costa Rica, may cover at least a portion of the travel expenses. So, if you need a vacation, and some work done, you’re getting a pretty great deal

Waiting Times May Be Shorter

In some countries like Canada and the UK, waiting for a dental appointment can take months, while booking a trip, provided it fits within your schedule, can all be taken care of at your convenience. Since t this is more of a competitive business, rather than widespread public health care, users get more options in terms of quality, than they would back home.

Where to Go for Dental Care

Most dental patients who venture away from home for care live relatively close to the the area where they seek medical tourism. States like Texas, Arizona and California all have easy access to care in Mexico, which can save patients thousands of dollars in care costs, while those on the East coast of the US can easily pop down to Costa Rica for care. Costa Rica’s capital, San Jose offers high-quality care at a fraction of the price US patients typically pay, plus it’s only a short flight away from Florida.

In the end, there are a lot of benefits that make dental tourism, no matter where you end up, worthwhile. But, it may not be right for everyone. For one, you’ll want to make sure you’ve left enough time on your trip for proper healing before flying back home.

Second, while many dental providers may provide accommodations, it may be hard for some people to afford to take the time off work or to pay for incidentals that come along with heading out of the country for a vacation. Dental tourism is a great resource for people looking to revamp their mouth while scoping out other countries, but it’s wise to do some serious research before booking an appointment.