Preparing for a road-trip or road-works?!

Completely unprepared,  I hopped on a ferry from Dover to Calais.

However, little did I know that I would dock £50 poorer! So apparently you need the following to drive into France;

  • A breathalyser test
  • A red warning triangle
  • A high visibility vest
  • Stickers to put on your headlamps (apparently our British lights are too bright?!)

In addition, as I was driving through France into Spain I also needed to purchase;

  • An additional red warning triangle
  • A high visibility vest for each passenger

So a shopping bag full and just under £50 down, I felt like not only was I ready to embark on my European road trip, but I was also prepared to fix some of the roads on route in all my new gear!!!

france roadtrip

Now I am nearing the end of my road trip and heading back North again, and having not used any of this ‘essential’ equipment I was forced to buy, I am wondering if I can return them on the ferry home??? Ha ha… I will have to let you know!

So for anybody thinking of driving into France or Spain that have not done so before you may wish to collate these things prior to your trip…although the ferry claims to be the cheapest priced around (as if to believe that!!?) I am pretty confident an ebay search would reveal a cheaper price than my £50 total.

In addition, make sure you keep your high visibility vests in the car and not in the boot, might seem obvious that walking to the boot when on the side of the road to get them kind of defeats the point of having them, but that’s exactly where mine were to be located until a very kind cashier warned me! Apparently you will receive the same fine if they are in the boot as if you didn’t have any at all!

So as you can probably guess all of the above came as a slight shock to me, and compared to our driving habits in the UK seemed rather excessive, but I guess the intentions are good and it’s all a learning experience, which after all is one the highlights of foreign travel!

So for anybody looking to commence a road-trip over on the continent, I hope this prepares you a little more…and have a great time!! 🙂