Prague without spirits is like Amsterdam without weed!

I didn’t take much notice when the cabin crew told me that only wine or beer was available in-flight due to new Czech legislation. But when I reached Prague city centre to find that all spirits had been banned I was shocked to say the least.

Prague is a city of bar crawls and stag do’s, how can they take away most alcohol drinks?!

Apparently 12 people have died in the country recently due to access alcohol consumption, so as a result the country has banned any drink containing over 20% alcohol. And for those of you who are not do familiar with alcohol levels in drinks, this is basically everything except beer and wine!

I’m not sure of the effects this will have had on the city, but I don’t imagine it will have had too much of a positive effect economically.

Is this the future for us alcohol drinkers? Will we be limited to beer and wine in other places outside of the Czech Republic? I can’t see this ban lasting forever due to the potential downfall in turnover at bars and clubs, but it certainly could be annoying for people with upcoming stag/hen do’s!

Personally, I normally only drink beer or wine anyway, but I was surprised by this development nonetheless and it will be interesting to see if any other European countries follow suit…

Prague large beer

Since writing this I have since found out that someone has been using methanol to make cheap alcohol and this has been sold in shops over the Czech Republic and Poland. As a result of drinking this over 100 people have been blinded and 12 people have died. The government have banned drinks with over 20% alcoholic content while the issue is investigated.