Mysterious Mont St Michel


Driving along the picturesque winding French country lanes the mysterious Mont St Michel creates a picture perfect view. The distant structure, in all its glory, stands high above the Atlantic coast line, boasting its’ mysterious beauty. The nearby tall grasslands and the outlying salt marshes give Mont St Michel its magical charm.

The road leading up to the Mont

Mont St Michel is an abbey island in Normandy and one of the most spectacular tourist attractions in France. It is lined with with historical cobbled streets filled with restaurants, hotels and gift shops. There is a traditional chapel in service and many beautiful views to be admired. The Mount is topped with the scenic abbey, viewable from miles away. It is said by Celtic mythology to be a sea tomb to which souls of the dead were sent.

Cobbled streets of the Mont

View from the top of the Mont

When walking through the quick-sand-like salt marshes up to the Mont the ambiance was both peaceful and eerie. The sound of the distant waves and the howling wind wiped out the sound of the nearby tourist buses and group tours; leaving a sense of tranquillity and peace. Although very peaceful, there was a strange feel about the place…perhaps it was all those souls of the dead residing there…

Mont St Michel is in a convenient location in France and accessible from many routes you may be taking through Northern France. It is very unusual and the visit is highly enjoyable.

 If you are planning where to go on your visit to France-add this to your list!