My first post from 30,000ft: The A380


I wasn’t sure what I was more excited about, my up coming 2 weeks in Thailand or my first flight on the A380! Being an enthusiastic aviation fan, traveller and ex Cabin Crew I had heard wonderful things about this huge creature of the air. Onboard wifi, heaps of leg room and even water features all helped in the creation of my anticipation and excitement!

With their renowned reputation Emirates are admired across the world; their excellent service and facilities being second to none. Having most often frequented budget/lower class airlines to facilitate my travels, the prospects of flying with Emirates was both a novelty and a luxury.

As the hours to my flight narrowed, I eagerly awaited my pre-flight drinks and first sights of this double decker beauty.

And there it was, truly a sight fur sore eyes.

The enormous wings spanned across what felt like multiple gates. The fate itself was huge and alphabetical categorising of seating areas gave this flight a unique and almost overwhelming feel about it.


Take off was smooth and quiet, possibly one of the quietest I’ve experienced. Onboard the staff were impeccably dressed and the service was brilliant. I said goodbye to England as I watched the sights of London slowly disappear behind the clouds from the external camera.


And then I was here.

Here I am sat in seat 56H in zone E on the ground floor of the aircraft eagerly awaiting my meal and well deserved glass of Emirates finest wine. I think I’m going to enjoy this flight 🙂

So far I am very impressed with the A380.

Have you flown A380? If so, let me know your views/experiences!