Mustafapasa: A step into a horror movie?

Mustafapasa at night

Sitting outside the Monastery Cave Hotel in Mustafapasa on a pleasant sunny afternoon the town seems a little old, but very pretty and very welcoming. The people are friendly, the scenery is brilliant and beer is cold. When the sun sets however, it feels completely different…

Stood in my room I look around at the original cave walls and what appears to be the space for a shrine. Visible burn marks from candles colour the walls and I picture monks sat studying or praying in the very space that I am due to sleep.

Mustafapasa: A step into a horror movie?

As I step outside of my room I’m greeted with an old wind up LP record player and religious frescoes covering the walls. The light from my room reaches only a few yards before I am in complete darkness, a light source nowhere to be found.  I begin to worry- there must be lots of spirits in such a building… and I’m walking through the hallway in pitch black!

Mustafapasa monastery cave hotel

Slightly disorientated I eventually reach the exit and walk out onto the street. The cobbled streets are dimly lit and surrounded by caves. The caves are ex homes with doors, windows and eerie tunnels; all pitch black inside. I walk along the street admiring the unusual structures, yet at the same time holding onto my boyfriend’s hand tightly, just in case something jumps out!

The town is built amongst the rock, each building built into it in some way. Restaurants have arched structures and cave walls, houses have door numbers painted onto the rock face and shops have cool cave temperatures to store their stock. It certainly is unique.


The call to prayer echoes throughout the entire town. Aside from this the only sound is the squeaking door blowing in the wind or the meow of a hungry cat. The town is deadly quiet with barely any people around… a ghost town?

In the day, Mustafapasa is a beautifully quaint little Turkish town… at night it’s the spookiest place I think I’ve ever visited.

I’m pleased to say that after 2 nights sleeping in the monastery there were no ghost sightings, and nothing did jump out of the dark caves…. But that didn’t make it any less spooky.

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