Motoring Along:  5 RVs That Will Have You Feeling Right at Home While Away from Home


When the summer hits, it’s time to start thinking of vacations. The evenings are long and warm, the kids are out of school, and there’s no better time to take a family vacation together and make some memories


If you’re looking for a memorable family vacation that will allow you the flexibility and freedom to stop wherever you want, take the route you most desire, and still spend quality time with the kids, look into renting a motorhome.


Motorhomes and RVs have gotten a strange reputation for being something retired folks and the elderly, but in reality they are great for just about everyone. If you’re a young family with children, renting a motorhome will allow you to explore and vacation together without worrying about planes, long waits in terminals, under stocked hotels or bored children.


Instead, you will be able to sleep in familiar beds, pull over whenever you need to, never worry about your kids upsetting other travelers, and generally have a great time bonding while on the road.


Here are 5 RVs we love for making your travel dreams come through.


  1. Winnebago Via


The Winnebago Via is a Class A motorhome, which places it with some of the most expensive and largest RVs on the market. Unlike its monstrously large cousins, the Winnebago Via is based on a smaller, more fuel-efficient model that gives you better mileage on a more easily maneuverable coach.

The Via offers three different bedroom configurations, with a loft bed that lowers from the ceiling above the cab and two twin beds in the back. There’s also a full shower, a two-burner stove, a refrigerator and freezer and two flat panel TVs.


  1. Thor Chateau Super C 33SW


The Thor Chateau Super C 33SW is a Class C motorhome, which includes some exceptionally versatile motorhomes.

The Thor Chateau is based on a rugged, cut-away van chassis, which means that the living accommodations are surprisingly spacious. This is a super powerful motorhome that won’t struggle to get up hills, but will still give you the comforts of home with nearly 7-foot ceilings, two flat panel TVs, a king size bed, and more.


  1. Coachmen Freelander 27QB


Coachmen’s claim to fame is that they more standard built features in the Freelander than any other comparable RV. To be honest, we might agree with them. The Coachmen Freelander offers everything from a double-door refrigerator to a power patio awning to make spending time outdoors more pleasant.


  1. Jayco Redhawk 26XD


While other motorhomes might be all about their luxury features the Jayco Redhawk offers that and a smooth ride. A luxury ride isn’t all that great when you’re getting bumped and jolted, so Jayco uses Hellwig helper springs to isolate noise and minimize vibration. It also has stabilizer bars to help with cornering and a standard back up camera so you can see what’s coming behind you.


  1. Newell Coach #1488


Is money a no object; the Newell Coach #1488 will truly revolutionize your motorhome experience. These 45-foot long coaches are a type of luxury vehicle that tops all the rest.

Incredibly easy and enjoyable to pilot, the Newell Coach can have multiple full baths, fully integrated appliances, including a Sub-Zero refrigerator and leather upholstered couches.

If you’ve ever seen your favourite rock star roll up in a tour bus that looked like a luxurious spaceship, then they were probably travelling in style in a Newell Coach.