Is India Safe to Travel with Kids?

India with kids

India is one of my favourite countries to travel in. I know it’s dirty in places, I know I’ll get the inevitable ‘Delhi belly’ and I know I will probably get ripped off at some point or another. But India truly is a wonderful country! I love the culture, the sights, the sounds. It’s chaotic and colourful with so many sights, smells and sounds that it stimulates the senses of any adult, let alone a child! Now that I am travelling with a little on in tow, however, it is important to consider whether India is safe to travel with kids.

Is India Safe To Travel With Kids?

Choosing a Location

India is a vast country and there is a lot to choose from. From visiting the Taj Mahal, to walking the backstreets of Mumbai to cruising along the waters in Kerala, India offers a wide range of experiences. Whilst you can travel to any part of India with kids, some destinations to lend themselves better to family travel than others. If you’re looking for some home comforts and a resort-style holiday then Goa is probably your best bet. Food can be tricky with little ones and Goa offers the widest range of international cuisine in India so it is suitable for little one’s palettes. There are also hotels which offer children’s activities and kids clubs etc if that’s your thing. I also went on an excursion from Goa called the ‘Jungle Book’ which kids would love!

Creating an Itinerary

If you plan to travel around the country or to visit multiple areas during your trip then I would suggest that you take some time planning your itinerary. Booking transport or entrance tickets may not always be essential to get to where you are going, but I can assure you that if you arrive at the train station to find that all of the bunks are sold out for your 19 hour ride, you will most definitely be kicking yourself and your kids may well be too. India is renowned for its chaos and lack of reliability so when travelling with kids it is better to have a plan in place and to have done a bit of research to avoid running out of nappies on-route or to endure a hundred ‘are we there yets’. It can be tricky to find out everything you need online as India is a developing country and not everything is accessible on the Internet so you might find it easier to book an organised tour with a reputable operator.

Taking Precautions

India can be a wonderful learning experience for both adults and children but there are some precautions that are necessary to ensure that you have safe travels. If you are worried about getting sick from the food you can opt for vegetarian options instead of meat-these are super easy to find in India as many locals do not eat meat. Take lots of hand sanitiser with you and make sure that the kids clean their hands regularly. Some kind of anti-bacterial lotion is also recommended, such as Germolene Antiseptic Cream. This is useful if the kids fall over so that you can ensure that no horrible germs are present. Lastly, you may wish to choose until the kids are old enough to know not to eat everything in sight and constantly put their hands in their mouths, likely my baby Isla does at the moment!

Are you planning to travel India with kids? What are you plans? I’d love to hear them!

India with kids

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