I was in a plane crash!

OK, so this is not quite true (I got your attention though right?!). But I do dream this a lot. I have a recurring dream of plane crashes, sometimes I watch the planes fall to the ground from the street, sometimes a war will break out and planes will be shot out of the sky, sometimes I will be a passenger on the plane as it comes crashing back down to earth. Every time same principle, different scenario. 

So after awaking from yet another plane crash dream I decided it was time to look up its’ meaning. As I flicked through Google I came across an explanation that I thought was so precise and accurate it was scary. So I thought i’d share it with you. 

‘So what do airplane crash dreams symbolize? Part of the clue to interpreting these dreams can be found in the word ‘airplane’ itself. Separating the word into ‘air plane’ may reveal that the dream has something to do with our thoughts. In the Zodiac, the Air Signs are those that deal with thinking and all manner of mental activity. If you dream of an airplane crash this may symbolize an overactive mind, one that needs a rest from thinking. It may also symbolize a need to get out of your head and bring your ideas down to earth. An airplane crash may also symbolize spending a lot of time worrying and fretting about things over which you have no control.

Control is one of the basic differences between a car and plane crash dreams. Cars are vehicles over which we typically have control or at least know how to operate. Unless one has studied to be a pilot, the same is rarely true of airplanes. When we take a trip by plane, we are relying on the skill and expertise of someone else–we are completely out of control of the situation. 

This lack of control may be another concept a plane crash dream symbolizes. Do you feel like you are in a situation where not only are you not in control but there is absolutely nothing you can do to rectify what is occuring? When planes crash there are also devastating consequences, not to a singular person but to everyone aboard the plane. Do you feel a situation is occuring in which not only you but many people could be injured? Do you feel that the person in charge of the situation is ill-equipped to handle it? 

Most plane crash dreams involve the dreamer as a passenger, however, there may be times when you dream that you are, in fact piloting a plane which is crashing. Piloting a plane means being responsible for a massive vehicle and the welfare and lives of many other people. If you are dreaming that you are piloting a plane that is going down, it may be an anxiety dream. You may be experiencing some fear of responsibility or a fear that you have undertaken a project which is too big for you to handle. Remember though that these dreams are telling you how you are feeling–not what is going to happen. What is important is that you look at the situation and honestly evaluate it to decide if the fear is a warning or just an anxiety about doing something completely different. 

I Was In A Plane Crash!

Plane crash dreams can also be seen as the Tower card in the tarot. In the Tower card, the typical image seen is that of a tower being struck by lightning sending its inhabitants plummeting toward the earth. The Tower card is typically thought of as extremely negative, and usually its appearance does indicate an intense, abrupt, completely life-altering experience. However, despite the pain which may accompany this change, the ultimate result is usually one of the person’s life being completely cleared out which results in liberation from a stagnant life. 

The same may be true of airplane crash dreams. They may represent a necessary change, usually in your thinking that allows you to enter another ‘plane’ of existence–the current ‘plane’ must crash to allow new freedom of existence. Should this be the case, remember that what always survives the crash is the black box–that part of you that keeps your memories, your dreams, and your soul alive!

A final note about plane crash dreams. Planes involve soaring, of reaching unbelieveable heights and traveling at amazing speed. Your dream may simply be telling you that you have the ability to accomplish more than you ever thought humanly possible but the fear of taking flight and going into a place you’ve never been is overwhelming you. If this is the case, I encourage you to step on the plane, get in that seat, and prepare for the adventure ahead…even if you need a friend to help you do it!

Until next time, sleep well and dream out loud!’

[Original source- http://www.bellaonline.com/articles/art12891.asp]

Do you have a recurring dream about plane crashes? Do this make sense to you too? I’d love to hear from your views-just comment below!