How to get a Job Working for a Private Jet Company

private jet company

When most people think of becoming Cabin Crew, or a pilot for that matter, they immediately think of the well-known, commercial airlines. British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, easyJet, Thomas Cook… These are great airlines to work for, but many decide at some point that they have had enough of working for a commercial airline and that they want to get a job working for a private jet company.

private jet company

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Private jet companies typically serve VIPs or people requiring a high level of service. Therefore, it is best to gain some experience with an airline renowned for its high levels of customer service such as British Airways or Emirates. This will demonstrate that you have the skills and the experience that the private jet company are looking for.


There are no set qualifications required to work for a private jet company, although basic English and Maths qualifications and some training in hospitality, tourism or aviation is beneficial. Doing a Cabin Crew course can also be helpful. Depending on the size of the aircraft you will be operating you may or may not be required to undertake safety training, which is different from commercial airlines. You will, however, probably be asked to take a basic medical exam. It is important to remember that requirements differ significantly between airlines.

How To Get A Job Working For A Private Jet Company

Job Searching

Finding a job as Cabin Crew with a private jet company may not be as straight forward as it is with commercial airlines. They recruit far less people and therefore do not always need to invest the time and money into advertising in the way that larger, commercial airlines do. The Middle East offers many opportunities working for private jet companies, as does the UK and US. You can often find jobs listed on Cabin Crew Wings, Aviation Job Search and WorldClassCrew. Some airlines will also advertise their jobs directly, such as Chapman Freeborn.


Working for a private jet company as Cabin Crew is a very desirable career and as a result the competition for a position can be very high. It is recommended that you make sure your CV is up to date, purchase any necessary resources and gain any experience that you might be lacking. It is also worthwhile registering your interest with private jet companies even though they may not have any vacancies at that given time so that you are on their radar for future openings.

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