Hold The Phone: Inexpensive Ways To Keep In Touch While Travelling

Being able to get out there and travel is one of the best things in life. It expands your mind and gives you a whole new perspective. It teaches you gratitude and appreciation, and allows you to see and do things you wouldn’t have ever had the opportunity to experience any other way. However one downside to traveling is the people we leave behind. If you’re away for weeks or months at a time, you might find you really miss friends and family. Plus, they miss you too! Making international phone calls can be expensive, however, there are a number of other ways you can keep in touch while you’re away.



Use Snail Mail

Modern technology allows us to communicate instantly. However, there’s a real beauty in snail mail. It shows that you’ve taken the time and effort to get in touch, and might even allow you to express yourself in way you wouldn’t over text or email. You could use a postcard maker online to turn one of your travel snaps into a custom postcard. Alternatively, you could buy one from any touristy shop that you come across while you’re away. You could write regular letters explaining what you’ve been up to, these would be great to read back in years to come too. Plus it’s sure to be a nice surprise for whoever receives it.


Set Up a New Instagram

If you’re dubious about spamming your regular social media accounts with travel pictures, why not set up a separate account? You could add only the people who are interested in following your journey, and not feel bad for posting masses of pictures. Instead, you could share your very favorites to your main account, but have the other as almost a photo diary. Instagram is a fantastic way to document your life in photos right from your phone, and once you get home, you’ll have so much fun scrolling through them all. There are sites which give you the ability to download everything too, so you can back them them all to your computer once you’re home. Rather than sending multiple text messages a day explaining what you’re up to, you can share photos freely. Friends and family can simply have a look whenever they want to catch up. Shop around for a sim card which offers cheap international data for while you’re away.


Use Whatsapp and Skype

International phone calls can be expensive, but data can be bought cheaply. If you’re staying in a place with wifi, it’s completely free! Therefore making phone calls and sending messages via Skype or Whatsapp makes far more sense, since these use data rather than your phone’s texts or minutes. If you have a parent, grandparent or other friend or relative that don’t usually use these services, get them set up for them before you leave. Teach them how to use it, that way you can enjoy the benefit of communication with it costing far less.


How do you stay in touch with family and friends while you’re away traveling?