Haviana Heaven?!

Everybody who’s into their flip flops knows that Brazil is THE place to buy your Havianas. Almost every foot walking the streets of Brazil sports a pair of these designer flip flops, and when you see the variety, durability and price, there’s no wonder why!

Havianas are sold in almost every street in big cities such as Rio or Sao Paulo. You’ll find them in supermarkets, in newsagents, gift shops and of course Haviana shops themselves. Prices generally range from about 17Reals a pair (about £6) for plain colours and are about 30Reals (about £10) for patterned one’s. There are also various special edition versions that can be far higher in price. These are all less than have the price than back in the UK.

So naturally, while here in Brazil one of my first activities was to go flip flop shopping to purchase the long list of footwear I’d been given by my friends from back home (and to treat myself too of course!).

I easily spent an hour in the Haviana shop, looking at all the designs that we we don’t have back home. And after much deliberation I left the shop having purchased 5 different pairs.

The varieties here are amazing, and I am looking forward to showing off my new, unique flip flops back home!

Speaking of unique, if it’s unusual you’re looking for then Brazil is definitely the place to be! Many of the shops have a ‘create your own’ facility, whereby you can mix and match the sole of the flip flop with the strap and customise using gems/badges! I thought this was extremely cool and I did this for one of the pairs I bought.

One things for sure, I certainly won’t be paying Twenty something Pounds for a regular pair of Havianas back home again!

The final selection

The ‘design your own’ area

The final personalised Havianas, complete with attached Brazil flag badge