Going to the Galapagos? Don’t Trust the Weather Forecast!

Galapagos sunset

I booked my dream holiday to the Galapagos over a year in advance. I did my research, I always do! I know that some destinations have ‘best’ times of year to go or seasons worth avoiding, but I didn’t find there to be anything along the lines of this when I did my research. Galapagos weather is good all year round… warm tropical type weather Jan-April, hot, dry weather Sept-Dec. But generally good at any time of year.

In the run-up to my trip I was getting excited, I added Santa Cruz and Isabela (2 of the bigger islands) to my weather app on my iphone a few weeks before so I could check the weather. This is something I always do in advance of a trip. Much to my dismay however, it forecast thunderstorms all day everyday! At first I wasn’t concerned as it was still several weeks until my trip, but the weather didn’t change… after around 6 weeks I thought to myself that something can’t be correct- my research says it barely rains, yet there have been thunderstorms all day everyday for this number of days!

Of course, I hoped for the best and boarded my flight to South America. When I arrived it was glorious sunshine, barely a cloud in the sky! We had a small amount of rain for about an hour on one afternoon (we were there a week).

Going to the Galapagos? Don’t Trust the Weather Forecast!

So I subsequently found out that there are in fact no weather stations on the islands and therefore no accurate way of knowing the weather! Plus, the islands are all so different, for example Santa Cruz is always cloudy and drizzly (like your typical British weather!) in the centre of the island, but the coast is generally hot and sunny! I’m no meteorologist but I think it is something to do with the height of the land and the vegetation. As each island is completely different, they each have their own weather systems so to speak, so even if there were weather stations what one island might report might be completely different for another island!

Anyway, I spent quite a lot of time fretting prior to my trip that I had spent sooo much money (and it was also my honeymoon!) and that it wouldn’t be as enjoyable because of the rain. So as a frequent traveller and sharer of information I felt it my duty to post this on the blog so that anybody that may fret in a similar fashion to me can rest assured- the weather will almost certainly be fine!

If you’re considering a trip to the Galapagos, do it- it really was a holiday of a lifetime!

Galapagos scenery