Get Out Of The Holiday Routine And Into The Car

Going on holiday is an exciting time for anyone. First, you have that excitement of booking a holiday. The research involved helping you pick the perfect destination. Websites like can help. After all, some people go on holiday once a year, so the decision must be right. You then get that initial lead up to the holiday itself. Where you count down from weeks and then days until you step foot on the plane. There is the stress of packing. What to take? Are we taking too much? Should I take that last pair of shoes? Then let’s not forget the fun time spent at the airport perusing the shops, queuing through security checks and having a last minute snack before the plane journey.

However, getting on holiday is exciting, and so can the first few days of your holiday. But, like anything, we can get into a routine and use to our surroundings. This is when it could present the perfect time to change things up a little and hiring a car is an excellent way to expand your holiday and see more of the destination than just the hotel walls and the beach. I thought I would share with you some of the best reasons why getting into a car on your holiday could make a huge difference to the memories you get to make.



Hiring a car gives you flexibility on holiday

As many of you will know, booking a package holiday often leaves you limited to a hotel, the resort and the one location where you can get around on foot. Of course, there is the option of jumping on a bus but hiring a car could be a much more flexible way to see more of your destination. There is the opportunity to seek out secluded beaches, picturesque towns or even explore other resorts close by. Sometimes these hotspots you discover, provide you with amazing restaurants to eat in, atmospheric bars to sit in, and even wonderful shops to explore. They also offer the perfect escape for those days when the weather isn’t so great. We can all get them at some point.


A car provides you with space

While we may have already mentioned the option of public transport on holiday, one thing that it doesn’t give you is space. Space for your beach bags and towels. Space to carry some lunch for a picnic, or even just the things you need for the beach. It gives you the option of relaxing without having to carry a big heavy load around with you.


It isn’t as expensive as you may think

Some people would assume that hiring a car can be a huge expense to your holiday. But it is more affordable than you would guess. Websites like can search out the best deals from some of the best providers. Taking the hard work out of it. Sometimes it’s only worth it to hire for a few days, but in some cases having a car for your whole holiday doesn’t work out at too much of an expense. The choice is yours.



Are you scared of driving in a different country?

One of the biggest reasons people fear hiring a car for their holiday is the sheer thought and fear of driving in a foreign country. It is true that some countries drive on the opposite side, and even have the driver controls on the other side of the car. But although it appears daunting, when you begin to drive it just becomes second nature once more. The best advice would be to take it at a leisurely pace. You will find that in some common resorts you won’t be the only people on the road unsure and the locals tend to understand this as well.


A test drive without the sales spin

Would you believe that some people use hiring a car on holiday as an opportunity to try out a new vehicle? It is true. It gives you the opportunity to use a car that you may be interested in purchasing back home, without the pressure of a salesperson trying to get you to sign on the dotted line. In some circumstances, buying a car would only present you with a five or ten-minute drive. Whereas hiring a car could be the extended drive you need to make your mind up. Having people inside it, carrying items you need and putting it through its paces.

I hope these tips help to persuade you to hire a car on your next trip away.