Dominican Republic With a Baby

Once you have a baby, you can no longer hop on a flight to anywhere you choose. Whilst I absolutely advocate travelling with children, it is important that you research your destination and confirm that it has the facilities you need. For instance, before baby, a day on an isolated beach with a slight breeze was heaven. With baby, you may end up spending more time battling with the sun, wind, and sand than you would relaxing.

Nevertheless, holidays with kids can be fantastic. You can teach them to swim; let them bury you in the sand; introduce them to foreign foods, sights, sounds, and smells; and experience a different culture. Now that I’ve done a lot of research into where I should take baby Isla, I’ve concluded that the Dominican Republic could be a great choice. Here’s why:


It’s Long Haul

Image via Flickr by ronsaunders47


Many people dislike taking long-haul flights with babies, as they fear an unsettled baby and nine or more hours of grumbling passengers and crew. However, most flights to the Dominican Republic are nighttime flights, meaning that your baby should sleep for a substantial period of time. You can also get a bassinet on long-haul flights to relieve your arms and let your baby sleep soundly. Think it would be easier to go to Tenerife or Sharm el Sheikh with a baby? Try sitting with baby on your lap for six hours straight!

For me, the biggest reason for taking a long-haul flight with a baby is the price. After all, you don’t have to buy plane tickets for babies under 2 years old. You are required to pay only the tax, which can end up costing just as much as it does to fly from London to somewhere in Europe as it would to go long-haul. I will most certainly be maxing out the long-haul flights prior to March 2018!

Dominican Republic With A Baby

You Can Sample Luxury in Punta Cana

Since my baby girl was born, I have become increasingly concerned about the standard of our accommodations. Goodbye budget Airbnbs; hello four-star hotels! This is especially important if your baby is mobile. After travelling to Costa Rica this summer, I had visions of a 1-year-old Isla walking through the room and putting a huge centipede in her mouth! Along the same lines, I will not be taking my baby to Turkey after seeing how many cigarette butts are on the beaches there. Imagine finding your baby playing with them whilst building sand castles.

The Dominican Republic is another story, though. As you’ll see in this Punta Cana guide, this area is home to beautifully clean beaches. Punta Cana also has a good variety of luxury hotels with all of the facilities you could want for your baby. 


You’ll Have a Fantastic Sensory Adventure

When I was in the Costa Rican jungle this summer, my mummy friends reported  that they had been to a jungle-themed baby sensory class back home. Whilst I’d highly recommend sensory classes for your baby, there is nothing like the real thing. The Dominican Republic would be a great learning experience for your baby, from sensing the difference in temperature and humidity to watching dolphins play at Ocean Park. Your baby can also take in the sights and sounds whilst on a rainforest safari and feel the cool ocean waves on his or her skin. Your baby will learn a lot during your trip.

What are your thoughts on visiting the Dominican Republic with a baby? Please leave your thoughts in the comment box below!