Countries with Scary Stories to Visit On Halloween

Many of us think that the idea to celebrate Halloween originated in the United States, but this is not true. All Saints’ Eve originated in Ireland. Halloween came from the Celtic holiday called Samhain which was considered to be a celebration of the transition period from summer to autumn. Celts believed that during the festival the spirits from another world could freely come to ours. Dressing up and carving the pumpkin goes back to Celtic traditions too.

People all over the world are looking forward to celebrating this day in some haunted places. Moreover, you can find more about the most popular scary places to go on Halloween by visiting

Mexico – The Day of Dead

On 2 November Mexicans celebrate the Day of Dead. The festival starts on 31 October. People honor the dead. They believe that the spirits of their relatives return to them on this day. Places to go for Halloween in Mexico include the island of Janitzio that performs the rituals on the Day of Dead. The sight that impresses visitors most is one of the fishermen in the boats holding torches over the lake. A certain number of visitors come to Oaxaca to see the bright marketplaces or witness vigil in a local cemetery.

Janitzio island is famous for its festivals and rituals on the Day of Dead. The most bewitching sight is one of the fishermen in their boats with the torches in their hands above the lake.

Ireland – Samhain Night

Samhain Night is the old Irish name of the Halloween. It was celebrated as a holiday of the end of summer and was linked with the spirits of the dead visiting our world.

The Banks of the Foyle Halloween Carnival is held from 25 to 2 November in Derry City. Among the haunted houses, people take part in workshops and listen to the scary stories.    

USA – Halloween Haunted House

The USA is famous for the scariest stories about haunted houses. Here are some awful true stories about spooky houses. Here are two of them:

Axe Murder House in Villisca

In 1912 Moore Family together with their four children were bludgeoned to death inside their home. The crime was unsolved. The house has the ambiance of the scary one for people who stay there paying $400 for a stay. One more strange thing that has happened to this house was the visit of a paranormal investigator. He booked a room in the house in 2014, and by morning he stabbed himself.

The Sallie House in Atchison

The Sallie house is another subject of interest by paranormal researchers. It is known for flying and scratching object that is supposed to be a spirit of a little girl who was the victim of a failed surgery.


America is also known for its haunted hayride in Los Angeles, New York, and other cities. You take a seat on a kind of wagon or tractor pulled with hay and meet scary clowns.

Great Britain – London Ghost Walk and Jack the Ripper Walk

Halloween in London can surprise you with a certain number of festivals and walks along the streets. Take a chance to visit graveyards or murder places during the London Ghost Walk.

Another famous walk is Jack the Ripper Walk is guided by a crime historian Donald Rumbelow. You can see the haunts in East London where Jack the Ripper murdered his victims.  

Colombia – Moto Halloween Party

Colombia is famous for the Moto Halloween Party during which motorcyclists dress up in different costumes and ride around the city.  

Hong Kong – Yue Lan

Hong Kong is Asian capital of Halloween. You Lan that means the festival of the hungry ghosts is an opportunity to present your gifts to spirits warding them off.

Trick or Treat tradition is not so popular in Hong Kong as it is in America.  

Trick or treat! Think carefully of a scary and haunted place where you would like to celebrate Halloween this year. It is your chance to meet the ghosts.