Best Universities In The UK To Study Aviation Management

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The aviation industry is booming. Not only are there a wide variety of jobs in the industry, but it has also become a somewhat ‘sexy’ course among prospective students. Whilst I think we would all acknowledge that choosing the best university is an important and often difficult decision, for those wishing to study aviation management it can be even more of a mind field.

Aviation management league tables

League tables are one of the most important factors relating to decision-making when doing a degree level course. However, whilst these may provide sufficient indication of the quality of an institution and its courses in many of traditional subjects- the sciences, English, business studies etc- there is less guidance for those wanting to study areas that are of a niche nature.

Aviation management courses have been popping up in universities all over the country at a rapid rate in recent years and this is no surprise given the substantial growth in the industry. These have, however, been coordinated differently in different universities; some aviation management courses sit within the tourism department, others sit within engineering or business. This makes comparison within league tables difficult as they do not tend to be broken down to this level of detail. You can read more about the best universities to study travel and tourism here. 

Best Universities In The UK To Study Aviation Management

Aviation management degrees available in the UK

At the time of writing I have been unable to locate a definitive list whereby courses are ranked. However, here is a list of universities offering aviation management degrees, in no particular order. I recommend that you research the individual universities and relevant league tables in choosing the best option for you.

University of Bedfordshire

University College Birmingham

Buckinghamshire New University

Cardiff Metropolitan University

Coventry University

Craven College

University of Hertfordshire

Leeds City College

University of Leeds

London Metropolitan University

Loughborough University

University of Manchester

Queen Mary University of London

University of Southampton

University of West London


More details of these courses can be found on the UCAS website.

Have you researched any of these courses or attended any open days? Maybe you have studied one of these aviation management courses? What are your experiences? I’d love to hear them- comment below!