Beautiful Bali

‘Welcome to Bali’

So I am back in Asia again, I don’t know what it is about
this continent but I just love it! I love the food, the people, the way of life
and the many different cultures it has to offer! Oh and of course I love its
cheapness! ; )

I left booking a room to the very last minute, so I chose
the only one that was left on hostel world that also conveniently offered a
free pick up service from the airport. I wouldn’t normally worry about booking
somewhere to stay in advance, but I arrived late and didn’t want to be walking
around a new country alone at night in search of a place to sleep!

The place was great! It was a really cute little brick
bungalow surrounded by beautiful, tranquil gardens. There were only 5
bungalows, so the guesthouse housed no more than 10 people at a time, which was
nice. The location wasn’t very good, but they gave you a free scooter to
compensate which was great! It was lovely and relaxing, and wonderful to have a
room to myself again after all that time of sleeping in large dorms!

Gorgeous little bungalows in a beautifully tranquil floral setting

My first impressions of Bali are that it is so beautiful!!
There are colourful flowers everywhere, rice paddy fields and beautiful
coastline. Even the busy, bustling streets are beautiful in their own way, with
many buildings bearing the slight resemblance of a temple. The architecture is
just lovely.

Balinese village life

I went out and about on the scooter and ventured onto the
hectic Balinese roads. I got very lost, which was rather annoying, but it did
allow me a good view into the streets and life of people in Bali. The roads are
crazy here, and I was a bit nervous about making turns in the traffic etc, so
much so that when I tried to turn as I was looking for a restaurant in the
evening and thought I was going the wrong way I lost control of the bike and it
skidded to floor in front of the oncoming traffic!

Oh My God!!! I jumped out of the way quickly, leaving the
scooter, and my shoe (!) in the middle of the road. Luckily a very kind man
came and helped me with the bike and checked that I was OK, which I was. And
then I continued on my journey. I haven’t been on another bike since!

One of the first things I did when I got back to Asia was go
for a massage-ah how I have missed them!!! I also checked out a local beach
that I managed to ind, but the black sand on this part of the island didn’t
massively impress me. So I just took this time to relax really, something I
hadn’t had much time to do while in Australia.

Tomorrow I would head to Kuta, where there is supposed to be
a lot more life. But I had quite like the lack of life here…but we will see….