Baby Bjorn One Outdoors Carrier Review: Baby Wearing for the Active Traveller

Many people choose to baby wear, especially when travelling. Putting your baby in a carrier or a sling is a great solution for airports or for days out at the theme park, but what if you want to be a little more active? Will your carrier suffice? I recently put my Ergo Carrier Adapt to the test and whilst I really did love it, I found that it lacked the support needed for anything more than a couple of hours of wearing. So I decided to investigate carriers designed specifically for those who want to take their babies on outdoor adventures where activities such as hikes or mountain climbing are a core part of the itinerary. That’s when I came across the Baby Bjorn One Outdoors carrier.

I was super excited when the carrier arrived last week and within minutes of the post man leaving baby Isla and I were out the door and headed off to our local countryside area which has the perfect terrain for testing out this product- hills, wooded areas, fields and uneven ground. But it wasn’t only me that needed to give the carrier the 5 star approval- my husband has more experience of hiking and climbing than me and will also be carrying our daughter on our travels, so his verdict was always going to be the deal breaker or otherwise.

The Pros

Fortunately, all three of us (mummy, daddy and baby) LOVE this carrier! I have been out several times over the past week for both long and short walks and so far it has most definitely passed the test. Here’s why we love this carrier;


Weather Resistant

This summer we will be travelling to Costa Rica where we have lots of jungle hikes planned. However, we are aware that it is rainy season which means that we will need to contend with not only the heat but also the humidity and the rain. This carrier will be perfect as the outer material combines breathability with good water and dirt repellence. The fabric is easy to wipe clean and dries quickly (this is good not only for rain and washing but also when baby decides to regurgitate some of their milk mid-walk!). The carrier is made of several different mesh fabrics to ensure optimal breathability and it has a thin mesh between wearer and child for increased air flow, very important when baby is with her sweaty daddy!


It’s Practical

The Carrier has a detachable pocket on the waist belt for your mobile, keys, dummies or other small items you might need during your hike/walk. Several loops on the shoulder straps allow you to attach things too such as water bottles or toys. I also love that the carrier comes with a sturdy storage bag that will help keep it safe when not in use.



The biggest selling point of this carrier is its comfort. Unlike many other baby carriers, it has padded support throughout, helping to make it comfortable and relieve the pressure that other carriers might put on your back or shoulders. This is especially important when wearing the carrier for long periods of time or for when baby starts getting a bit heavy! The carrier can be worn in three different ways: front inward, front outward and on your back. Baby Isa loves facing inwards as she feels safe and secure and is tightly tucked in meaning that she can have a peaceful sleep, but she also love facing outwards too so that she can observe the world around her! There are also different heights depending on the size of your baby that are easily adjustable. The International Hip Dysplasia Institute has tested Baby Carrier One Outdoors and acknowledges it to be a “hip-healthy baby carrier”. This means that it provides the correct support to the child’s hips and encourages good hip joint development, which is especially important in the first months.

The Cons

Whilst my husband and I absolutely love this carrier and find it by far the most comfortable carrier we have tried, it isn’t perfect in every way. Here are the three things that I think could be improved.  


Pocket Size

It’s great that this carrier has a place to put your phone, but it’s rather small… it certainly doesn’t fit my iphone 7 plus and I’m not sure it would fit a regular iphone 7. It would be better if this compartment was slightly bigger.  



As my baby is still quite small her head is often tucked inside of the carrier and the straps are very close to her face, so close that I feel I need to hold them to prevent them from rubbing on her little baby cheeks. Whilst the inside is made of super-soft mesh fabric that claims to be kind to little cheeks and mouths, I would still rather it didn’t rub on Isla’s face. This won’t be a problem once she is a little bigger, however, and it isn’t a problem when she is outward facing.



This carrier is fantastic quality, but unfortunately you do have to pay for it. It is considerably more expensive than many of the carriers on the market, retailing at £184.99. Personally though, I think that if you plan to do a lot of outdoor hiking it is absolutely worth spending the money to make sure that both you and baby are comfortable throughout. You can buy the Baby Bjorn One Outdoors carrier on the Baby Bjorn website or on Amazon.

*Update- We have used this carrier on many travels for the first year of Isla’s life, from Costa Rica to Sri Lanka! Now that she is one she is getting a bit heavy and needs a bit more space so we now use our Kiddy Adventure Pack Child Carrier Backpack