Amsterdam, the city of red lights?!

Amsterdam is known for its sex tourism. Prior to visiting the city I had envisaged women standing on street corners in mini-skirts, however what I saw when I got there really intrigued me.

Now I am not claiming to be an expert on the subject, I don’t know why these women are here, what their pasts are or how much money they make. But what I could see is that this is a red light district like no other!

When you walk around the red light district you are greeted with street after street of women. Each woman has their own shop and will stand in the window advertising herself. She will have her red light on until she has some business when she will switch off the light and close the curtain.

The district is well organised, with streets dedicated to different types of women, for example there was an Asian street where you would find women from various Asian ethnicities, there was also a larger woman street where you would find women probably from around a size 18 upwards.

People (mostly men) will walk up and down the streets looking at all of the women in the shop windows. When a person decides that he would like to do business with a particular woman you will see him negotiating a price at the entrance to the shop before he is allowed inside.

I know this probably all sounds seedy, and yes to an extent it is, but what I could see was that it was actually an extremely well organised business! Tourists of all shapes and sizes would be wandering around the red light district, many like me just to see what all of the fuss is about without actually making a ‘purchase’.

I really did not expect to see this at all; the organisation, the professionalism, and the popularity! There were so many people wandering around these streets it was unbelievable! This is actually a sight worth seeing, if only to sit and observe and to take it all in 😉 Definitely an experience!