Absorbing A Culture: The Best Ways To Overcome ‘Tourist Behavior’ And Really Get A Feel For The Place You’ve Traveled To


Travelling opens the mind, the soul, and the adventuring spirit. It’s also a great way to wake yourself up to the beauty and majesty of planet Earth. Becoming a steady and happy traveler is more than just seeing the top tourist destinations though, it’s also about becoming one with the locale you’ve traveled to. Getting a vibe for the area you’re in is important because once you travel to a place, it’s easy to progress down the route everyone has before you for convenience.

But, if you do that, you’ll end up with similar stories to everyone else who’s found their way to said locale. Making sure that you go off the beaten path and experiment, even for a few days out of your trip, will nurse your inner craving for adventure as well as give you some fun stories to tell.



The best way to understand a people is to try their food, but not the commercialized food that’s simple and easy to buy. You want to find the little restaurants, the family-run shops, and the delicatessens that seem to be favored by the locals. Communicating with the patrons of said businesses, as well as those who run it, will give you an understanding of the local flavor that’s hard to define. For example, say you’re in a location such as Nashville, Tennessee (USA), a beautiful city in a beautiful state famed for its great food. Rather than purchasing a simple, commercialized version of that food aimed at tourists, head to the suppliers, and make sure you get the inside scoop on where to go. Only in Nashville will you get the best Meat & Three, so be sure to sample it. To expand your culture absorbing search there, check out this list on Nashville to figure out where to go from there.


Don’t Compare

Do your best to not compare your culture to the one you’re in, even if they’re seemingly alike. This will only serve to take you away from what you’re experiencing and wade in memories of back home. That is not the point of traveling from home. While you’re at your destination, try everything you can. Explore in odd places. Go Urban Exploring, see the local museums, try the attractions that the locals would enjoy going to, rather than just the tourists. Make sure you approach it with openness and the willingness to always to try something new.


Find What Your Location Is Famous For And See For Yourself Why

Is your destination famous for its food? It’s history? It’s tragic past? It’s manufacturing industry? A mixture of all of those? Identify what makes the destination you’re in the destination you’re in. What put it on the map in its own country? Why? Always ask these questions to those who are willing to answer, and you’ll usually meet with someone who is more than happy to educate you. A genuinely interested tourist is worth ten tourists just there for the photo opportunity, and you never know, you might learn something you can bring back home.


Explore Off The Beaten Path

Don’t downplay the importance of tourist activities. These can help you get a footing and safe introduction to the culture you’re exploring. But don’t only experience these solely. Make sure you allocate time for your own excitement.

You’ll thank yourself when you’re having the time of your life, and come back home with tales of adventure. They say travel broadens the mind, and it does, but only if you experience the culture as well as you can. What are you waiting for?