A380: The Experience I Haven’t Yet Had….!

Being more of a budget traveller than a luxury traveller, I can count how many times I have flown anything other than economy class on only a couple of fingers. Although I can’t see this changing in the foreseeable future, I am rather envious of those that do experience the full luxury that some of the worlds best airlines have to offer.

A380: The Experience I Haven't Had Yet!

Brenda Howarth has been kind enough to give a description of her recent 1st class experience on the A380; something I suspect I will only ever dream of. Here’s what she had to say;

‘Like Hayley, I am an aeroplane enthusiast and was fortunate to have the wonderful experience (April 25 2013) of flying to Dubai on the first leg of my trip with my niece, to Hong Kong on the a380 upstairs in first.


What a phenomenal experience! As Hayley said, Emirates service is world famous and rightly so. We sat in the middle to suites so we could chat. We were treated like A-listers, nay – royalty. We drank enough Dom Perignon to cause a global shortage, ate caviar and drank in the bar at the rear of business. The flight attendants were wonderful, lending us their hats so we could have our photos taken behind the bar! Sleeping with a mattress and a duvet – beats sitting up any day and the sublime experience of having a shower at 39000 feet, with underfloor heating and Bvlgari amenity kits and pyjamas…where to stop!!??

Emirates 1st class

Emirates A38- shower
What a wonderful plane. Save up your pennies and splash out on a trip in First. They collect you in a Mercedes to take you to the airport, deliver you to your destination and do the same in reverse for coming home. The First Class lounge is like a Michelin star restaurant with the same impeccable service, even at 2am! The fare to Hong Kong from London is not much more than the fare to Dubai so you have the pleasure for twice as long.

Apart from having an amazing trip on Concorde in 1977, this is the only time I can honestly say I did not want to get off the plane!’

I can always dream…

Emirates bar

Have you been on the A380? I would LOVE to hear your experiences!