A Typical Budget For Backpacking in USA



The USA is not a well-known place for long term budget tourists. Many people just come here for a short holiday and go to one or two cities. In any case, it is a big country without a real tourist structure or good transportation across the country. The hostels in USA are not that big, trains do not go to many places and they do not offer working holiday visas. However, the United States is a country that requires extra time to see. 

A Typical Budget For Backpacking in USA

There are many national parks, a varied geography, culture, music and good regional food. Below is a classic financial plan for backpacking in USA:


The United States has some of the inexpensive food in the developed world. You usually can get a pie and juice for about $3. Residing in dorms that offers breakfast can reduce the breakfast cost, snacks and even a portion your lunch money from your budget. A take away lunch, for example a sandwich or pizza costs about $5 to $7 while a sit down fixed priced lunch costs about $10-$15. 

Dinner at an affordable eatery is the same as the sit the price of having lunch in the restaurant, though you can purchase food from a supermarket and cook it in your hostel. This can cost you less than $40 per week 


Backpacker hostels are famous fixtures in USA. Depending on the city, staying in a hostel for a night will cost you about US$18-20 for hostels to US$45 for singles. Even though some of the hostels can be dumps, there are many reasonably priced alternatives that are both hygienic and well-kept. Get a reservation early in advance to be certain of getting a place in the most inexpensive and safe locations.


The US is a large country and its size can make it problematic to travel around. The easiest way to travel is by car. The great area of America is best seen by car and the open road. The American road trip is a long held custom and provides you with the flexibility to see all the places out there that are inaccessible by car. On the shores, there is a wide train and bus network that is very affordable, with bus fares as low as $1. 



Museum entry fee in USA can be rather cheap. Students are entitled to international identity card which offers discounts in museums, shops and cafeterias. You can save money by making good use of the free admission days.

The best part of any trip to America is going to see all the national parks. Getting a national park’s pass will let you into all the parks without any charge, so you do not have to keep paying an entrance fee.

Lastly, USA is a great country to tour. You can save some money by traveling by land, getting a national park pass, cooking for yourself in the hostels and couch surfing. If you are planning a trip to the USA, check out this planner for a road trip along the East Coast!


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