A simply stunning awakening: The Andes

I visited Santiago Chile on a whim. I spontaneously decided that’s where I would head, and I packed my stuff and hopped on a bus from Buenos Aires to Santiago Chile. I didn’t really give much thought to any plan, and I certainly wasn’t prepared for the incredible bus journey before me.

This was my first long distance bus journey and at around 18 hours was quite a long one! However I was extremely pleasantly surprised at the comfort and cleanliness of the bus. Argentinian buses are amazing! The seats almost fully reclined with pull out foot rests, we were provided with blankets and there were onboard meals with the infamous Argentinian wine! This was actually the best bus ride I had had, and to this day still is!

We ate our onboard meal, had a few glasses of wine, listened to the i pod for a while and drifted off to sleep. It was dark when we left Buenos Aires and outside was flat and un-scenic so there wasn’t much to see really. I had a great nights sleep.

Having left for Chile so abruptly and without prior research I was unaware that I would be passing through the Andes mountains (although if I had have given it some thought my geographical knowledge would have suggested this). When I went to sleep we were driving through flat, un-scenic land, and when I woke up I opened my eyes to the most astounding scenery I have quite possibly ever seen!

Good morning!

The road to Chile...

I was shocked by the bright white snow and stunning mountain scenery. We were fully immersed in the mountains and driving through the winding roads. This was so unexpected, I was completely overwhelmed.

The early morning drive through the mountains was simply incredible. The mountains seemed to go on for hours, yet the scenery changed almost by the minute. We drove past ski slopes and chair lifts and the people looked like ants in comparison to the huge mountains they were surrounded by. The roads were a scenic picture in themselves, with their snake like bends and curves taking traffic up/down the mountain edges. It was incredible to see.

The winding roads of the Andes

We stopped off at immigration at the Argentinian/Chilean boarder and I was simply looked around me in complete awe. Was an absolutely incredible sight. And none of it was expected at all!

I think that the some of the most wonderful and fantastic times are the unexpected ones, and this was certainly one of those. I was prepared for a boring, mundane, long bus journey. But instead I got a fantastic bus ride with the most wonderful scenic views I had ever seen!

I was almost disappointed to have reached the other side of the mountains and for the journey to be nearing an end, but it had been a lovely bus ride. I arrived at my new destination feeling happy and excited and ready for the next adventure!

What a beautiful bus journey and an incredible sight to wake up to! A simply stunning awakening!

Good morning and welcome to Chile!