A random space rocket….

When I planned my trip to Russia I never once considered that I might see a space rocket. I knew the Russian’s were big on space travel, but to be honest, I never even gave it a thought.

However, I was randomly walking down the street and there it was… a real life space rocket!!! AMAZING!!!

Most things in Russia are either a) not labeled/signposted or b) labeled/signposted in Russian. This makes knowing what you are actually looking at extremely difficult. However there was no doubt about this- it was an authentically real Russian space rocket.

 Russian space rocket


space rocket

There was also a pretty cool aircraft there too.

 plane Moscow

plane Moscow

I was in a completely random place, just strolling along, looking at the buildings and there they were. As with many things in Russia, I wish I knew more about it, I wish there was some sort of explanation, or even a person that could speak English that I could ask. But seen as there were none of these things, I guess I will just have to keep on guessing…

This was quite possibly the coolest things, closely followed by Concorde , that I’ve ever accidently stumbled upon…

space rocket Russia