6 Unique Date Ideas To Find Love on Your Travels


Are you trying to impress somebody special? Have you been committed to someone for a while and you want to freshen things up with a date like no other? Are you looking for a really special way to propose? According to statistics, 82% would prefer a more casual first date, so coffee shops and pubs are perfect if it is the first time meeting somebody. A little further down the line? You’re going to want to be a bit more impressive. Standard dates like meals out, drinks in a country pub and cinema trips are lovely ways to spend time with somebody or to get to know somebody. Ultimately when you love somebody it doesn’t matter what you’re doing. However, sometimes we do need to go the extra mile to show somebody how we feel, whether we have known them for 2 weeks or 20 years.

6 Unique Date Ideas To Find Love on Your Travels

To WOW your date in a way they have never been WOWED before, take a look at these 6 awesome ways to create a date to remember:


Stargazing is making quite a comeback, as many of us clamber to feel closer to nature as the world around us seems increasingly congested and industrial. It is certainly set up as a romantic date, because you’re both outdoors, looking up at the starry sky, free to chat about the meaning of life and your dreams for the future. Pack up and go to one of the UK’s many great stargazing spots, or wait until a meteorological event so you’ve more chance of seeing shooting stars, or even the Northern Lights in some areas.

A Ride In A Fancy Car

Who doesn’t want to look out of the door to see a fancy car waiting to pick them up for a date? There’s something so cool about stepping into a vintage vehicle or a fast sports car in your best dress or suit to go for a drive around the country, or to see the sights of the city. Perhaps doing something swish like Lamborghini hire is the perfect way for you to impress the admired or admirer.

A Short Break Outside Of The UK

It might seem a little ‘extra’ but, when you consider how much it costs to get a new outfit, pay for dinner, get your hair done, and to pay for a local hotel too, you can easily get a short break to somewhere new for the same price. According to recent studies, couples who share new experiences together are happier. Why not spend a couple of days exploring a gorgeous city or the stunning landscapes of a new area? If anything it is the ideal way to help you both bond over a common experience and to test the water with spending more time together.

Do Some Voluntary Work

The world seems to be a little bit lacking in love. The love is still there but the constant media reports about the terrible goings on in the world can make it seem like it is lacking somewhat. As a couple in love or working towards those feelings, maybe you could work together and do some voluntary work to inject a bit of love into somebody else’s world. Walk some dogs at a shelter, help out at an animal sanctuary, gift your time to a charity shop. Sharing this experience will cement your values as a couple, give you a valuable memory and help you to both make the world around you better.

Have A Luxury Spa Experience

If you want to care for your partner for life, then the perfect way to show them that is to take them on a luxury spa day to show them you care right now. Go for a staycation in the countryside or choose an exclusive city spa. Book a couples massage, chat in a hot tub, enjoy a healthy lunch and while away the hours leaving any daily stresses behind. Bliss.

Learn A New Language Together

According to research, learning a new language could help protect you from dementia in old age. If it really is true love, you’ll still be loving each other when old age sets in, so what better way to ensure you’re both healthy and happy together in your golden years than to learn a new language together. Book a language course in the language spoken in a place you have both always wanted to go, then at the end of the course, maybe an extra surprise could be a trip to that place to practise your new skills.

I’ve had dates at the nicest restaurants, but when you leave, you’re starving, and the best part of the date is having a slice of pizza and a couple of drinks on the way home. I think it’s important to be able to roll with the punches and enjoy every minute of it. – Meghan Markle

Whatever you end up doing with your date, remember that although they might be impressed by the food, the car, the venue or the activity, they will mostly be WOWED by the effort you have made. Romance isn’t dead, as long as you’re still fighting to keep it alive.

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