3 Tips For The Cash-Strapped Traveller

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There are all kinds of excuses people give for not travelling. Some of them simply aren’t convinced that they’ll see anything that great out in the big wide world. Others are too tied to their career or other responsibilities to take a lot of time off. One of the most common, however, is a lack of funds. If your finances are holding you back from having some amazing travelling experiences, here are some of my best tips for saving on travel…

Set a Target, and Reach It

If you’ve got a particular place you want to visit and experience, then first of all you need a firm target of exactly how much money you’re going to need for the trip. By setting a definite amount, you’ll give yourself a greater degree of focus, rather than a vague dream that may or may not happen. The internet is full of information on how much flights, accommodation, food and so on cost around the world, so start researching. Once you come up with a firm target you want to reach, divide that into smaller monthly or weekly milestones which will make your goal more manageable. If you don’t give yourself a deadline, it can be easy to put your travelling dreams off more and more, and never actually follow them through.

Save on Everything

I mean everything. I’m not suggesting you malnourish yourself just to see the world, although some people will tell you this is well worth it! However, you should make a point of adopting some frugal habits in your day-to-day spending, which will help you reach your goals faster (seriously, did you see the sacrifices I made when paying off my debts whilst travelling!?). Before you spend a penny on anything, ask yourself whether you actually need it, and whether you’d rather put the money towards travelling. You should also do your research on how you can save on travel. Companies like DontPayFull.com have coupons which will allow you to save money on flights, and there are various house-swap and working holiday schemes which will allow you to pay a discounted price, or even nothing at all, on accommodation all over the world. You’d be surprised how much you can save over time if you drop wasteful habits and make a point of penny-pinching. Adapting to frugality won’t feel great to begin with, but you’ll get used to it pretty quickly.

Remind Yourself How Badly You Want It

Inspiring or re-inspiring yourself is another great way to keep yourself working towards your travelling goals. Sometimes, this involves setting yourself little reminders. You probably have at least one destination that you want to visit badly, and sights that you badly want to see. Find some amazing photos of the place, and set one as your desktop or phone background. Choose some breath-taking YouTube video that always gets the travel bug to bite you, and put it on your bookmarks bar. Whenever you feel like breaking a frugal habit or making a frivolous purchase, those prompts will be there reminding you to stay strong, and that anything you’re putting yourself through now will ultimately be worth it!