10 Tips For Students How To See Australia On A Budget

Australia is one of the coolest countries to visit in the world, especially for young adults. This country possesses various climates. While Northern Australia is warm all through the year, the southern part of the country has cooler winters. Apart from this, it has an abundance of beautiful beaches, lush jungles and countless species of animals. This makes Australia an ideal vacation destination. Although this country is enormous in size, it has a small population. This eliminates competition to a great extent and gives the government leeway to impose exorbitant taxes. This has made the cost of living very high, especially on the fine things that tourists might see and enjoy. It’s a beautiful but expensive country. The purpose of this article is to highlight the travel tips for students on how to tour and enjoy Australia on a budget, without breaking the bank.

  1. Planning

Australia is the fifth largest country in the world, in terms of land mass. It’s almost the size of the United States of America. The first thing to do is to have a plan. College travel is usually a lot of fun, if well planned out. You must choose where you would like to visit. It’d cost a ton of money to travel the length of the country. Planning makes your visit more enjoyable and cheaper. It’s important to consider how much money you’d be willing to spend, and the number of days you’d be spending. If you are spending just one week on a budget, it’d be best to limit your travels to about one or two places.

  1. Flying around the country

As earlier said, this country is large, and there are usually great distances between cities. Air travel in Australia is the only means of transport that makes sense for traveling long distances. This country had two major airlines for a long time, which made the cost of tickets high. However, the price of air tickets is dropping by the day, as new airlines are being launched. One of the cheapest airlines in Australia is the Tiger Airways. Although they used to have issues such as late departures, and maintenance problems, things have become significantly better. Other airlines that sell low-cost tickets are Jetstar and Rex Airline. The Jetstar airline has a Friday package, where a ticket could be as low as 20$, yes twenty dollars!

  1. Traveling in buses around the country

It’s important to read up about the city you’d be touring before leaving. Some cities have free inner city trams, including Melbourne and Adelaide. Sydney has a free shuttle that moves every other ten minutes. Basically, each city has its own features and free stuff. This might be one of the most important travel tips for Australia since the prices of public transport in some cities might cost you almost as a high-quality help with thesis.

  1. Traveling around Australia by train

When traveling as a student or a group. You might be entitled to some discounts. It would help greatly if you can get an International student card. This gives to access to discounts, ranging from train tickets, restaurants, even in shopping malls. Traveling long distances on a train can be pricey. However, you can procure rail passes, which covers the rail network of the entire country. The rail pass is about 298$ upwards. This gives you access to the whole of Australia by the rail network.

  1. Restaurant and hotels

Restaurant food can get very expensive, even with the student card. This same applies to hotels. Hotels in big cities are usually very costly. There are ways to visit and reside in the popular cities for some time on a budget. The first step is to avoid staying in a hotel on a weekend. The cost of living in a hotel for a weekend might break your back if you’re on a budget. Mid-week is the best time to visit and lodge in a hotel. The same can also be said of restaurants. You’d spend a lot less if you went to one during the week, as opposed to the weekend. There is also an opportunity to use your student card for some discounts.

  1. Living in hostels

Hostels are the ideal place for students and other individuals that are trying to cut cost. A dormitory room is considerably cheap. An average room goes for about 25$ per night. The size and occupants of rooms might vary. While a room of 2-4 people would be a bit more expensive than a room of 8, 12 or 21 people. The rooms usually have all the facilities you might need such as Air conditioner, for warm climates, free Wi-Fi, and food in some places

Overall, this country is beautiful, with peaceful citizens. You should try as much to enjoy everything it offers.

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