Looking for Your Next Holiday? Why Not Try Something a Little Different!

For many people, their holidays can fall into two categories. Sunshine filled relaxing beach getaways and packed city breaks. With perhaps the occasional spa break or tour threw in. Unless you are a seasoned traveller, you probably spend a significant amount of your holiday time doing the same things.

Looking for Your Next Holiday? Why Not Try Something a Little Different!

When you work full time or have a family, this is understandable. Holidays are expensive, holiday time is limited, and you don’t want to waste it. So, you stick to a tried and tested formula. There’s nothing wrong with this. A relaxing beach break is a fantastic chance to escape the shockingly unpredictable weather at home, get some much-needed vitamin D, relax and recharge your batteries. Many people split their holidays into two groups. They go on a long summer holiday, perhaps to their favourite beach destination, once a year. Then, they squeeze in city breaks when they can. Taking a weekend to explore somewhere new and hit the shops. This formula can work very well.

But, it can also get boring after a while. If you’ve started to feel like your holidays aren’t so much a holiday, and more of a second home, if you no longer get excited about going away, and your passion for your break has started to dwindle, it might be time to try something new. Here are some ideas of some fantastic breaks, that are a little different.

A Winter Break


You may go on the odd winter sun holiday, but how about skipping the sun? Head out for a winter break filled with snow and adventure instead. If it’s your first snowy holiday, you may find it a little surprising. Back home, when we have a few inches of snow, we panic. Shops run out of bread and milk, roads grind to a halt, and schools and businesses close. We struggle. In other countries, snow is a way of life.

Even with much deeper snows and frantic blizzards, life continues as normal. The locals are used to it and tourists are there to embrace it. There are many countries all over the world you can head to try some winter sports, such as skiing or snowboarding, or just to relax and enjoy the sights. Snow, in its natural environment, where It’s not an inconvenience that makes your life harder, is a beautiful thing and you’ll be able to enjoy long afternoons admiring the view from next to a roaring log fire, even if you don’t want to go outside.

If you fancy a winter adventure but don’t like the idea of skiing or snowboarding, there are other options. A snowmobiling tour in Iceland can be the perfect way to try something new and exhilarating while seeing some of the most beautiful parts of the world.

A Yoga Retreat


If you see your summer holiday as the perfect chance to relax, rest and leave your stresses and worries behind, going to a yoga retreat could be a fantastic way to take that a step further. A yoga retreat, believe it or not, isn’t all about yoga. It will show you new ways to relax and unwind, teach you meditation techniques and help you to look at your diet and other lifestyle changes. You’ll learn a lot, about yoga, and yourself as you gain a different perspective on life and everything around you. You’ll get more peace than you’ve ever dreamed of, learn how to put yourself first and give your body and mind everything it needs. You’ll meet some great people that will help you on your journey, and you’ll get the chance to take a digital detox and get rid of old habits. Of course, you’ll also improve your yoga skills.

Don’t worry if you’re not a yoga master; there are retreats suitable for beginners. These can be a fabulous way to start your yoga journey, making sure you are doing it right and getting the most out of your poses from the very beginning before you have a chance to pick up bad habits or fall into poor form.

A Cruise


Many of us think of a cruise as something that older people do. But, this isn’t the case at all. In fact, many younger people think of a cruise as the perfect way to team their favourite city breaks, with a relaxing package holiday.

You’ll get to spend time relaxing on the ship, enjoying facilities such as gyms, spas and pools, as well as fabulous food and entertainment. But, you’ll also have time to explore new cities and locations along your journey. It really can be the best of both worlds. Think about your budget, the time of year you want to travel, how long you want to spend on the boat and what cities you want to see before booking.

An Undersea Adventure

A lot of our films, TV shows and literature are obsessed with space. We’ve always been fascinated with what’s out there. But, what about what’s here on earth? Only a very small fraction of our seas has been explored, but the life found is amazing. If you’re a big Blue Planet fan, why not join in? You can still have your much-loved beach break. Just head to somewhere that offers snorkeling and scuba diving and gives you the chance to get up close and personal with some of the beauty that lives in our oceans. Some of the best destinations for underwater exploration include The Galapagos Islands, The Solomon Islands, Hawaii, Honduras and Fiji. Just make sure you get qualified instruction and the right equipment. Don’t forget to bring along one of the best dive watches for your adventure!



If you fancy something different, without having to go too far away, have a go at camping. In many ways, it’s benefits are the same as those of a yoga retreat. You’ll get a digital detox, a chance to get closer to nature, fresh perspective on your issues and quality time with your friends or family. It can be the perfect easy break. If you want to add some adventure, go hiking and exploring while you are away.

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