A Guide to The Most Fun Things to do in Iceland

Iceland is full of breath-taking sights. It is one of the most remarkable countries in the entire world and it really does have so much to offer. Iceland is also one of the most diverse countries around, with so much to see and so much to do on a day to day basis. If you are planning a trip to Iceland, then here’s a list of ideas to get you started on your next adventure.

Walking Between Continents

This is number one on the list of cool things to do in Iceland. The earth’s crust has 6 large plates and smaller plates that move around. They cause the seafloor to spread, and two of these plates meet right under Iceland. In Reykjanes there is a bridge that spans over 18 meters and this crosses both the North-American plate and the Eurasian plate. This location is one of the few places where you can cross the two and for free as well! You can even get a certificate at the end as proof of your daring adventure.


Ride an Icelandic Horse

The Icelandic horse is the same size as a small pony, but it is actually just as strong as a young mountain horse. If you do want to go horseback riding you will quickly find that there are plenty of options available and they are truly incredible creatures.

Watch The Whales

Whales frequently gather around Iceland and they also come very close to the boats as well. You can even see dolphins jumping out of the water, and in summer you can see them on the north and south coast. If you go in winter then you will need to go to Reykjavik and visit the Old Harbour. Trips like this can be expensive, so it helps to save up and spend some time planning out what you want to do so you don’t miss out on anything.



Visit the Pearl

Perlan is one of the most notable landmarks in Reykjavík. When you go to this location you can actually see a huge glass dome. This building stands at over 84 feet and you can go and watch concerts in their winter garden as well. There is a viewing deck and telescopes so you can see all over the area.


Try Your Hand at Fishing

The fishing industry is very strong in Iceland and it is a huge part of the culture. You can go on your own and try your hand at fishing or you can join others at the harbour. There is nothing better than a freshly caught fish and this is especially the case if you have actually made the effort to try and catch it yourself.

Have a Geothermal Bath

There are plenty of different places in Iceland where you can have a geothermal bath. The water is always hot and the Blue Lagoon is one of the top places. You also have the nature baths and these can be found at Lake Mývatn. The floating lagoon is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before and this is one thing that does need to be on your to-do list.