Cheddar Cheese and Cheddar Gorge


I guiltily admit that I don’t travel enough in my home country. I’ve always thought it unexotic, unexciting and uninteresting. However this past weekend has proved me very wrong.

Being on a bit more of a budget than in previous years, I decided to opt out of the currently extortionate flight prices and take the car down to the west country. Having never visited that part of the country before I was intrigued to see what all the fuss was about…

So first stop was a little town named Cheddar.

‘As in the cheese?’ I wondered. ‘I love cheese! What a pleasant surprise!’ Within minutes I was indulging in the free cheese tasting in town. Yum!

Cave matured cheddar

So more about the gorge… embarrassingly, I didn’t know anything about this top British attraction. And after visiting it I have no idea how I didn’t know!

The gorge is visually stunning. Situated on the edge of the town of Cheddar, winding roads meander through the gorge, the cliffs towering high above the roadside. People would park deep within the gorge and watch the surrounding nature and scenery in awe as they devour their picnic’s.

Cheddar Gorge

The local community have really capitalised on the beauty that their town has and have developed a number of attractions for tourists surrounding the gorge. This includes 2 caves, a museum, a scenic walk and viewing tower, the cheese tasting and an open top bus. I was really surprised to see how much there actually was to do in such a small town!

For 20 Pounds you have access to all of the above attractions too, making it really quite good value for money!

The caves were really good and you are given an audio tour inclusive in the price with different versions for adults and children. I personally found it a little slow, but most people seemed to really enjoy it! The caves were really interesting, you learnt how they discovered them, lived in them and how cannibals were identified from examining the human remains!!! The museum explains this in a lot more detail and was really interesting. You learnt about the floods and the ice age and how all of the helped form the gorge and the caves themselves. They also explained how the caves played a role in the cheese making!

Cheddar Gorge cave


Cheddar Gorge cave


The scenery around the entire area was stunning and during my time there the great British sunshine had also made a rare appearance making it all the more special…

Cheddar Gorge


Cheddar Gorge


Cheddar Gorge


I can’t remember ever visiting somewhere in Britain and genuinely thinking ‘wow, that’s stunning’. It just goes to show though, you don’t always need to travel half way across the world. There is plenty of beauty right on your doorstep, sometimes you just need to open your eyes a bit wider and look beyond your 9-5 life to see it!